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Discussion in 'General' started by rajkosto, 2014-03-08.

  1. i have fixed that problem but now its saying im not whitelisted but i never got an email so i haven't verified my email address i think that maybe the problem
  2. Voltetr66

    Voltetr66 Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    I cant edit my game path and i dont have a GUID i re installed it twice and still nothing pls help me
  3. Croc

    Croc Survivor Leaderboard

    The launcher really screwed up my computer, if I had it running my internet got so slow that it hardly worked, also it screwed up ts3 for me. Please help. After I starting Launcher I'am not able to open any webside or loggin to ts3. I need to wait ~minute or two. When I'm doing test: closing launcher and after that everythink is working fine. When I open DayZero Launcher everythink is fucked for a long while.
  4. Croc go to the settings tab and check if you have the box "Don't seed on complete" checked.
    If it is not checked, do it and see if its fixed.
  5. Croc

    Croc Survivor Leaderboard

    I had it checked. I tested unchecked and didn't help.
  6. Croc

    Croc Survivor Leaderboard

  7. Can I download files manually? Launcher download speed is really slow.
  8. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    launcher is the best option atm. just be patient
  9. 50kb/s for a 2gb file LOL

    there has to be someone who uploaded it somewhere properly

    i wonder if this is causing the decline of dayzero, anyone who wants to try it out isn't gonna bother with a 2 day download
    Last edited: 2015-11-08
  10. Croc

    Croc Survivor Leaderboard

    Will be faster later. Don't worry, just download :)
  11. TonySimmons

    TonySimmons Shipwrecked

    I get this every time i click the yellow box at the bottom of this page


    i also get this when trying it in Google Chrome

  12. Harbinger

    Harbinger Your Master Leaderboard

    try saving context as a file or use internet explorer perhaps
  13. mdms

    mdms No Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

  14. TonySimmons

    TonySimmons Shipwrecked

    I would farther burn my computer than use internet explorer
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  15. Tansien

    Tansien Administrator Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    We will update the website and remove the oneClick stuff from Chrome/FireFox since they dumped support for it.

    For now just download

    Update: Website is updated, and no more ClickOnce for Firefox/Chrome.
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  16. Tansien

    Tansien Administrator Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    Basically the launcher needs to install the files for you, but you CAN download with whatever torrent client you prefer.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you download directly into your game directory, it won't work. The files are encrypted and needs to be decrypted by the launcher.

    But if you want to do it manually: Start downloading using launcher, then close it.

    In windows explorer, type "%LOCALAPPDATA%\DayZeroLauncher\content\meta"
    Open the latest folder, for example "DayZero-1.4.1". In there you'll find the torrents.
    Open them in your favorite torrent client and start downloading to the following directory: "%LOCALAPPDATA%\DayZeroLauncher\content\data"

    (Would look something like "C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\DayZeroLauncher\content\data")
  17. Acoon

    Acoon Scavenger Leaderboard


    I've installed everything, but launcher says there are 2 servers with 10000 ms ping each and with no people. I'm still able to join servers, but there's no one playing for a few days I'm checking it. Is it just me, launcher or is there really no one on servers these days?
  18. Flame81

    Flame81 DayZero Stream-king/babydad Leaderboard Staff Member Gamemaster Forum Moderator

    Arma 2 mods have been dying for a great while, sad but true. It's been up towards 20 some day but no full servers in sight.
  19. Acoon

    Acoon Scavenger Leaderboard

    I see. Thank you. That's sad, these servers gave me the best DayZ expirience ever.
  20. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    theres still some who play here. usually they are on from 6pm restart until 9pm
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