DayZ Lead Developer Is Stepping Down, Starting His Own Studio

Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by MadMax, 2014-02-24.


    More about it here
  2. Lol seems like he's already beginning to give up, just like he did with the mod. Long live dayzero.

    However, just read on his twitter feed that modding is of the highest priority at the moment, which is a good sign IMO. Maybe once the znu team get their hands on it it might attract my attention.
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  3. Deranger

    Deranger Give me all the ammo Leaderboard

    Yeah DayZero standalone will be very interesting to see, whenever it is possible/is made happen..
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  4. 10bag

    10bag Stalker Leaderboard

    Why lol? No Rocket = no DayZ = no DayZero = none of these games or communities. We'd all still be playing Red Orchestra 2 or BF3 or Arma2.

    DayZ will do fine without him. The bulk of the design work is done; Bohemia is unlikely to stray far from Rocket's vision for the game now, and if they follow the same path as their other games then DayZ will survive on user-created mods and content for years to come.

    Personally I'm looking forward to seeing what his new studio comes up with - he said he's looking to take lots of risks and hire a lot of young graduates. I doubt he'll come up with another game of DayZ's size but he's clearly good at out of the box thinking when it comes to game design, and that's what the games industry needs!

    What would you rather he did? Remember this is his first project manager role on a all honestly someone else would probably do a better job!

    The whole DayZ thing is basically a fluke - we're lucky it even exists. Don't rag on the man for doing what he feels, he's got us this far already.
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  5. yes but clearly ppl in bohemia dont share his ideas thats why hes leaving and starting his own game studio, not rly sure dayz will do fine without him as u said hes good with out of the box thinking and bohemia as u saw has terrible and not so creative ppl and coders, if they do with dayz what they did with arma 3 its better that it never sees the daylight (huge map, which is basically all orange and horrible server files that dont allow you to host more than 50 players on the map that can hold 200)

    also as jack said this is so irresponsible of him, he started 2 projects that he didnt finish, what does this mean? that he thinks this is gonna be a shit game and wont fulfill his ideas? so hes stepping aside now? so he cant be blamed later?

    dude i respect his idea to start his own studio, give chance to young graduates, but leave in the middle of development is so unprofessional and doesnt shine any light at the future of this game, but yet again thats only my view, think what you want i think this is bad for the development
  6. Deranger

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    You do realise that without Bohemia's Arma2 there wouldn't be a game for us to play, yes?

    Like 10bag said, the main vision and direction of the game is defined. Bohemia will polish it, add the features that are written but not implemented, and then we'll have the best of it in the form of mods.

    Just give it time
  7. I don't like the way SA has been heading. Too much focus on things that aren't important, and the engine work isn't good at all. He made a better work with the mod. It's in one way a bit "sad" that he leaves, but not sure it's to the worse really.
  8. Dean Hall leaving the standalone is possibly the best thing that could happen to dayz
  9. Molliturpa69

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    Feels WarZ man.
  10. A work of art mate.
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  11. BigdawG

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    Danne I had no idea you were such an artist!
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  12. Lel. Hopefully SA gets good modding support so Tansien can fix it.
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  13. geoffpea

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  14. Smoker

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  15. NuclearAdmiral

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    Oh wow, i see some MS Paint brothers here.. :-D
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  16. Tansien

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  17. Tansien

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    This. I understand him wanting to move home, one of the reasons I didn't pursue a job at Bohemia is because I didn't want to live in Czech Republic getting an eastern European paycheck. But announcing that you're getting out as soon as convenient isn't exactly good for the franchise... Neither is calling your success story a "flawed concept".
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  18. 10bag

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    Rocket isn't trying to do what is "good for the franchise" though, he's trying to be honest and transparent. DayZ very much IS a flawed concept in terms of what the current definition of a game is.

    I'd rather everyone knew his plans now than be surprised by them when the time comes. Look at Eidos Montreal - about 30 devs just lost their jobs there straight after Thief released. I bet they'd have appreciated some transparency from their boss.

    Climbing Everest in the middle of development though ... that definitely was unprofessional.
  19. Tansien

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    He also took a 6 week Christmas vacation right after the release of Standalone too. Not saying he didn't deserve a vacation, but most people got like 2 weeks. And there were some pretty serious issues right after release, like "#vote admin" and all the hackers.

    Honestly I think in a situation like that, you kinda have to expect cancelling Christmas and just powering through the initial release. Once things have settled down a bit (like they are right now) then you can take a couple of weeks to chill.

    He's taken more vacation time the last year than I've had in total during 3 years. I don't really think his heart is in it anymore.
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