Day 1&2

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by trichrome, 2014-02-16.

  1. Longer Video with some fun fights in it.

    Pick up some super rare guns off a few people.

    Nearly got our whole squad wiped a few times only to be left with 1-2 people to save the day by holding it down until we could run back.

    One clip I didn't record was me refueling the chopper and getting shot down to 14% and unconcious while Claymore comes and bandages, morphines, pain killer and blood bagged me back up. Thats why I start at 14% at one point. Mid refuel someone opens up from near big rock west mound.
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  2. rotunde

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    Video is broken for me
    *edit* video works for me now :) nice stuff. you missed the coyote on the ghillie!
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  3. same
  4. Deranger

    Deranger Give me all the ammo Leaderboard

    Cool video, some nice kills. Missed the coyote on the ghillie! Could've been anything in there! Keep em coming, see you on the server some time ;-)
  5. Keep it up man, theres less videos from se2, its a shame :) hope you continue
  6. this was the best fight in a long time guys :-D

    and about my login there, i ran up there but fucking once again i couldnt loot any god damn bodies, fucking game, so i had to relog, just a few seconds after logging out you guys killed my brother zohn and i wasnt sure what to do.... so i waited a little but unfortunately you guys were still arround :-(


  7. We were wondering how you got there after you had died recently. Think there was 2 or 3 different squads we were fighting in the building.
  8. I was the guy you shot on the catwalk, had a prigorodki spawn and just ran up... so basicly like 25 minutes after i died i was up there again.
  9. Did you die on the catwalk? We never confirmed the kill. Was your brother the guy who shot me on the catwalk?
  10. Well you broke my legs, after i tried to stand up i got shot by you guys, fell unconcious and after recovering from that i fell down the catwalk during this fucking bullshit animation. My brother was shot by the guy with a winchester, we were playing with a few guys from [ARNIE] clan together with Barry Bandit. I think [ARNIE] choppa might have killed you, but not exactly sure, he had a ghillie as far as i remember.
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  11. Fun fight guys. See you again soon.
  12. Winchester guy reporting in. How I pulled that off idk. Nice vid as always, Tri.
  13. Well you came up the stairs exactly at that time while my brother was using morphine, so unfortunate timing there.
  14. Yhhh GG guys, when i shot you on the catwalk i was last man standing with 30% blood lol knew it wasnt a good idea to try rush your last guy xD

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