This Is How I DO - Kill Compilation

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by MadMax, 2014-02-16.

  1. gayest fucking music ever 1st half of the video. Nobody likes linkin park or anyone in that band unless u got a sex change and are now considered a 'man'
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  2. 1560550_578831162201653_191578766_n.jpg
  3. Karlis

    Karlis Survivor Leaderboard

    I play like this in se2....only SE 2
  4. Deranger

    Deranger Give me all the ammo Leaderboard

    Yeah, im gonna stay se2 now as well, since the amount of players is good :)
  5. Frags'

    Frags' The Legend Leaderboard

    Yeh, I play like this in CSGO competetive, it is harder but more skills, the guys who doesn't do it, they all suck.
    please ZNU community l2p
  6. well all my kills that i got on u guys got fucked by shadowplay :-( what can i say...
    what dot? maybe i just played enough of FPS games than u guys so i can actually tell where my crosshair is on the screen, but well thats just maybe

    @everyone else with their SE2 jibberish: u play SE2, i play SE3 and SE2 and i say SE3 is fuckton harder, i myself did a damn 10 kills killstreak on SE2 when i was lonewolfing so please stop...

    IMO if we, who play SE3, all came to SE2 u guys would all leave
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  7. Karlis

    Karlis Survivor Leaderboard

    :-D Hah I don't care how community measures Skill. I see skill only on players who can proof that they can sneak behind.. and hold player...if needed kill :-D and i have never died when im holding some player..... Yes i kill player if he moves.... But when i start to communicate after some time we trade food and guns :) I do this also in NW when i gifted my AK SD to some guy who was hiding in ChristmasTree. He said ''Nice to so good player like you'' Communication, Art of Sneaking- THAT IS SKILL MY FRIEND
    YES i have died many time trying to sneak behind .. Because i made some mistakes or there is squad around.
    I also shot on sight bandits if they see me, or if they are geared to teeth i Kill them with pleasure
    But yeah For me kills dont show skill
    Skill is showed by Communications, Sneaking, and of course good shots without shooting 30 Bullets to kill one guy :-D
  8. yeh man nothing impressive unfortunately, but thats only coz i set up shadowplay only recently and even then most of my good kills got fucked up :-( after all its a hard drive cleanup :) so its just stuff that i never used for anything and its taking up space on my HDD
    um this is a kill compliation now hero bambi compilation, please read the title... and noone as of yet tried to help me ever since i joined these servers (my squad excluded), when that happens ill try to be a nice guy to some ppl i see
  9. I have also heard they having cock measure contest on se2 every sunday at 12. Just to proof who is most MAN....(That's why zmay never plays se2)

    Always these idiotic comments that have nothing to do with the thread.
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  10. Karlis

    Karlis Survivor Leaderboard

    But there is many... many bad players (Not bad but.. emm Weak :) there is KOS and also Hey im friendly "Bam bam " So yeha) All up to you :)
  11. Frags'

    Frags' The Legend Leaderboard

    Well, it is these comments that makes the forum a fun place imo ;-)
  12. Karlis

    Karlis Survivor Leaderboard

    It dont means that you have always try to speak.... sometimes i just KOS bandits who are running around in Cherno
  13. Karlis

    Karlis Survivor Leaderboard

    Hmm then you aren't lucky... Maybe some players who you killed from behind was those kind of people.... why you didn't tryed to speak or yeh some kind of communication. Yes sometimes you have to kill... but SOMETIMES JUST TRY TO GIVE A CHANCE TO GUY WITH LEE OR SOME WEAK WEAPON... Im just trying to make dayz like dayz back at old times
  14. I liked the video actually.

    Even though the content wasn't 100% actionfilled and super entertaining, I like the fact that someone is still making videos to further promote this mod. And I enjoy watching survivors getting dunked.

    Keep it up.
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  15. zmay

    zmay King of Kamenka Leaderboard

    I hate fresh spawns, they are so fast and so hard to kill, sometimes i need 3 mags to kill one. I like that they don't have gun and can't return fire so that is why i am always around Kamenka, sometimes i call myself king of Kamenka.
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  16. Last time I saw SE3 'pros' on SE2 they got rekt a couple times too many and crawled back to the comfort of looking over walls.
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  17. Karlis

    Karlis Survivor Leaderboard

  18. ah, I assume your wonderful DMR aiming at 8:50 just confirms how pro you are. Maybe should have hipfired instead :rolleyes:
  19. Frags'

    Frags' The Legend Leaderboard

    Change ur custom title to King Of Kamenka! :-D
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  20. Sounds about right

    3rd person makes me vomit and have vertigo. Not conducive to me shooting people in dayzero.

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