Yesterdays deathstreak

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Skallekillen, 2014-02-16.

  1. Skallekillen

    Skallekillen Primary zombie falcon punch target Leaderboard

    There are just so many titles for this vid...just pick one ;-)

    "Remind me again....why do I do this?"

    "This is why I lost my trust in the DayZero community"

    "Wanted - noob skin - reduces your size 50% - I'll pay for it"

    "I killed like 30 dudes to....but forgot to's true...seriously!"
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  2. Smoker

    Smoker Survivor

    That was me first kill with the double barrel. I was running to green mountain watching TV... pellets op
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  3. Skallekillen

    Skallekillen Primary zombie falcon punch target Leaderboard

    Nice shooting! I came from green mountain towards Zeleno when I saw zombies. I followed you cuz I was hoping you were running to a "secret hide out" but you took a 90 degree turn from the white barn up towards green mountain, heading straight towards me....I had no other option than to...die..
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  4. Haha funny vid man :) good to see theres a squad that gets this game as a fun and also plays very good

    PS: 3:0 it was me and zmay :) why didnt you shoot?
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  5. I fucking love hoarders
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  6. Skallekillen

    Skallekillen Primary zombie falcon punch target Leaderboard

    I didn't see you guys...I heard you shoot at the Ospray (think it was) some minutes before so I should have been more careful...(good thing I didn't translate what I called you ;-))
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  7. Smoker

    Smoker Survivor

    Well you did scare the fuck out of me. 5 people on the server mining my own... CRACK CRACK CRACK.
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  8. haha great video:)
  9. Frags'

    Frags' The Legend Leaderboard

    lol, enjoyed this a lot more then supposed to :-D

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