punishment for killing unarmed players?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ben horrill, 2012-10-08.

  1. ben horrill

    ben horrill Shipwrecked

    do we think there should be a punishment for those arseholes that shoot unarmed new spawns for the numbers? maybe even death? or breaking there legs?

    me personally i'm sick of being killed when i'm unarmed 6 times in one day? i mean really what is up with that?
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  2. Korstar

    Korstar Shipwrecked

    yh i do find this to be one of the most unforgivable crimes, there is no excuse for it ether, its not like it's hard to mistake an unarmed guy for an armed one. Sure if a guy with an axe is bearing down on you smoke that bitch, but if he's unarmed why bother.

    Punishment 10 years iso-cubes... or death... (or like yh broken legs XD )
  3. jupats

    jupats Survivor Leaderboard

    when i read that then i tought to myself hmmm....interesting(and heres what i tought) :
    i spawn in wherever Cherno/Elektro/Berez. first i run to store get a bigger bagpack next stop would be either mil.tents(cherno,berez) or fire stations...when i find a big ass toy (lets say m16) i would just put it in my bag so no1 would shoot me and then i can do all sorts of tricks...etc find someone with a nice gear and when he turns his back il draw my big ass toy and punish that dude :mad:

    But ofc. i understand your frustration and yes its idiotic
  4. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

    Even though im against killing unarmed players I'm gonna say No.
    It's not hard to find a weapon and kill the person that wanted to kill you.
    It's just a very bad idea.
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  5. BrutalDeluxe

    BrutalDeluxe It's not me, it's you. Leaderboard Administrator

    It does suck when you have nothing on you and someone kills you for no obvious reason, but punishing the murderer like this is definitely not the answer. I mean... how could you even justify such strange, mystical behaviour within the context of a logical and (mostly) realistic military sim like ARMA? Who or what exactly is going to kill them or break their legs? Did they piss off a god or something? Some magical force? It simply doesn't make any sense.

    Speaking personally, I won't shoot an unarmed player that's just casually going about their business, and at the very least I'll (usually) hesitate and try to reason with an armed survivor if our paths cross, but there's zero hesitation to shoot at bandits, whether they're unarmed or not.

    So their punishment is the negative humanity and bandit skin, which makes them an automatic shoot-on-sight target for pretty much any other player they'll run into it. They are the criminal scum of Chernarus, and they get treated as such. That's the price they pay. Perhaps the system could be expanded to make the bandit life slightly more inconvenient somehow while still being fair overall, but dishing out such arbitrary and illogical physical punishment is not the way to go, imho.

    Bandits obviously camp the high value areas near spawn such as Cherno, Elektro, and Berezino, so you should simply avoid those and try to gear up elsewhere. It's really not a big deal to avoid all the mess in the big cities and visit some of the smaller places instead. There are also tons of deerstands that you can easily visit and grab some high value gear. Just find a hatchet first to take out the zombies, maybe grab a few bandages from houses and sheds, and you should be fine. Pretty soon you'll be running around with an assault rifle and you might have a chance to survive your next bandit encounter. :)
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  6. Korstar

    Korstar Shipwrecked

    WHY WOULD YOU EVEN?!?!?! you're evil dude.
    But to be honest the ability to do that already exists, so it wouldn't be taking anything away from the game, It would only try to help fix the problem.

    but yh it probs not the answer, maybe a second form of the bandit skin signifying that they kill new spawns?

    :-D x
  7. Its all part of the plan
  8. VanZ0r

    VanZ0r Survivor

    *yawn* the game is unforgiving deal with it, next you'll be saying when we respawn can we have all our gear back...
  9. ben horrill

    ben horrill Shipwrecked

    so you personally don't find getting killed 30 seconds after you spawn an issue?

    tell you what why don't you PM me when you die and i'll be there for your respawn seems you obviously enjoy being killed for bandages and a pack of painkillers seems there is a blatant shortage of these items currently.
  10. jupats

    jupats Survivor Leaderboard

    well...theres never enough bandages :-D
  11. Noxity

    Noxity Shipwrecked

    If you spawn and get instakilled, you spawn somewhere else, where you probably wont get shot. Big deal. I've never been shot once, right after I spawned, and if I had, I wouldn't care, as I have nothing to lose.

    It's so easy to obtain weapons. Farms are almost everywhere. Why not get a Einfield or a Winchester before heading into places where people might be?

    I'm at least not taking a risk of letting some ungeared poophead shoot me in the back once the person found a weapon, just because I didn't kill him to begin with.
  12. Killswitch

    Killswitch Shipwrecked

    Cry me a river OP. Seriously just man the f**k up and deal with it. :rolleyes:
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  13. Korstar

    Korstar Shipwrecked

    See what you did Ben!!! you make a heated spur of the moment post, that doesn't really mean much and instantly people be butt hurt everywhere D: xxx
  14. I have no problem dying the first 5 minutes after spawn. What do you lose? 5 minutes and a fuck me? So you respawn 1-2 minutes later and carry on. No big deal. I think it all has to do with mind set. When I go to cherno or other city, I fully expect die before I make it out. If I survive great, if I die I just met expectations.
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  15. HellDuke

    HellDuke Scavenger

    Bad idea. Probably the singular most fun thing to do in this game is hunting these snipers that kill all players on sight (armed or not). Even better if you can do it in a humiliating fashion. Like axing 2 snipers near elektro. Or blowing up a few enemies with a grenade on the roof of cherno?

    Yes this is a bad thing. But don't take away the sport of humiliating these sniper wielding newbies. I mean if there were no people like that, what you would do in dayz? Just roam around? Eventually you always get to the point where the only activity is to kill someone. For me it's these idiots who think that they are skilled just because they sit somewhere and snipe new spawns all day gaining murder counts (which naturally means nothing to anyone).
  16. Kalle

    Kalle Scavenger Leaderboard

    At standalone it all comes!

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