The story of how i lost my hope in this community

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by n1k0finish, 2014-01-02.

  1. n1k0finish

    n1k0finish Shipwrecked

    Today i started playing dayz like normaly and i continued with my character that i had looted 2 heli crashes with so i had good loot.
    I went to the NWAF and i got camped by 2 bandits at the south barracks and i died allmost instantly.I spawned next to the factory area and found a friend who left me to die when i got knocked out...and got fricking eaten alive from 98% blood to 15 rom one zombie,and because the animation for waking up is so long i died while waking up to bleeding and a zombie eating i spawned next to cherno,i went to the hospital where i found a donator survivor who right away with out hesitation started killing me with his makarov or something even tough i had nothing but the starting gear,i goot away with 30% blood and went to get a gun to kill him but there i meat a bandit camping the place with a ak and again he shot me without hesitation...i spawned in cherno again,i went to get a gum from the firestation and found nothing but i found a steching aps in a pub with what i was going to the hospital to search for the survivor but didnt find him,i checked every major place in cherno for him but didnt find him so i started heading up north because i was anoyed and boom someone shot me with a lee enfield,i fell to 50% blood and fainted with a zombie eating me,when i woke up i ran for about 5 meters and he shot me again,this time killing me...then i got a kamenka spawn and i rage quit and came here
    ...dont expect to see me here anymore :-(
  2. Baibai.
  3. don't expect anyone to be friendly on servers, it's a hardcore PVP server especially se2 and se3
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  4. I recommend you try DayZ RP or something, you seem to enjoy being friendly and talking to people ect. This is a hardcore PVP based mod, you cant expect anything else. Still i've had alot of funny encounters with people on this mod and yes, it can be frustrating at times. But i dont get anywhere near as much enjoyment out of any other mod than i do this one.
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  5. Harbinger

    Harbinger Your Master Leaderboard

    sounds like a story of a noob who cant kill anyone... also, this mod is PvP mainly, so expect to be killed
  6. DMiT

    DMiT Suiciding with SUV Leaderboard

    Member since: 2013-04-23

    Interesting how only now you realise that people will kill you on this Mod!
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  7. Laela

    Laela Survivor Leaderboard

    Why you look for gum when there is fk load of zombies walking around.
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  8. idd also why in the firestation and not in the shop?
  9. RedT3rror

    RedT3rror Survivor

    It has always been like this. I never experienced anything else on this server (except twice).
  10. Liek if yuo cryied.

    Man up, get on with it and get revenge!
  11. VidKo

    VidKo Live and let live! Leaderboard

    You're so mean :-D
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  12. Too many threads complaining about PvP.

    The foundation of DayZero is based on PvP. Don't like it? Play a different mod.
  13. This is like, everyday occurances for most of the players on

    You see player? Run or kill
    Player talking to you in direct? Run or kill
    Spawn in Cherno/Elektro? Run, you will be shot atleast once.

    Prepare to kill or be killed. Death all around
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  14. Frags'

    Frags' The Legend Leaderboard

    Don't want nubs on dayzero community.
    Go play WarZ :-D
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  15. DMiT

    DMiT Suiciding with SUV Leaderboard


    #blametansien #I'mshit

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  16. Doh!
    To kick ass and chew bubblegum! Obviously! ;-)

    But yeah, like others said before; you really cant expect anything else than to get shot at in places like NWAF, Cherno and Elektro :eek:.
  17. Yea i got pretty pissed off yesterday when there was two campers at Cherno shooting all freshspawns. What appeared to me a two guy team with one of them having M4 or something and camping the highest roof and other one had Einfield and i think he was just running around on the ground.

    I enjoy a good fight but camping/shooting freshspawns is just low. How can someone get kicks from that?
  18. Frags'

    Frags' The Legend Leaderboard

    will stop :oops:
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  19. Yo Dew, dont play their game if they camp Cherno, if you dont enter they will get bored :-D
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