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Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Mar, 2013-12-16.

  1. Mar

    Mar Hero

    Mouse controls are killing me,
    seems like the Acceleration toggle ON/OFF does not work. Visually it is ON all the time.

    Y Axis is also fucked, 3,4 times faster than X.
    It might be only me.

    What is your experience so far ? I am still on the beach trying to fix this.
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  2. DMiT

    DMiT Suiciding with SUV Leaderboard

    It's like... The same game... With some new things and some OTT stuff that just makes the gameplay really slow. Not sure about it just yet.


    It's the same game and you have nothing to do. Because of no vehicles etc there isn't literally nothing to other than find the same gear due to the small loot table atm.
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  3. green mountain is exactly the same just without tents :-(
  4. 1.You have to eat/drink ALOT!
    2.If you pass out you never get back up? I waited for 20min and then just respawned.
    3.Not beeing able to rightclick and use some of the items.
    4.Shovel has no damage??
    5.Corpses rubberbanding.

    Made me ragequit!
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  5. Back to Dayzero?
  6. Cubie

    Cubie Professional Hoarder Leaderboard

    4 hours of playing = Not a single soul north.

    The small loot table is killing me.
  7. I will never stop ;-)
  8. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    ill stick around dayzero. i dont want to spend 20+ euro for bugs atm. when they finish the game ill buy it
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  9. M4 is the best weapon, found that in balota next to the biggest backpack in the game
    Also, way too many barracks all over da place.
  10. it's the only AR in the game right now apart from the AK. The loot table is minimal atm, for alpha testing purposes I suppose.
  11. Stary is completely pointless I found no military spawns there at all.
  12. Military compound at veresnik with 2 barrcaks at it, they probably felt it was better to move it there.
  13. VidKo

    VidKo Live and let live! Leaderboard

    Without cfg file editing, the game is unplayable, especially in towns (Cherno, Elektro, Berezino).

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