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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Gooby., 2013-12-12.

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    I have no problem with zombies how they are right now but there is one problem that is ruining the game and that is how zombies will only spawn when player gets near something. Think about its guys how easy it is to spot a player cause of that or see player incoming when there is more zombies spawing or see him dieing cause zombies despawn. Game would be much more hardcore and harder if this would get fixed!

    this suggestion might not be best but it would work. i was thinking to add zombies that will spawn everywhere but if u kill them they woudnt spawn again. There is gonna be fps drop for sure but coudnt it be fixed by spawning less zombies?

    Good things:
    -More hardcore
    -You have to actually spot the player and not the zombies.
    -Could be some cool city fights without million zombies and spawing more

    Bad things:
    only bad thing that i can think of is the fps drop but im sure there can be something done with that.

    If u come up with better solution or invent some good things about this or bad things just comment :)
  2. they gonna add it in standalone like that, don't think it's possible right now, it would take to much fps.
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  3. Peak times there is over 500 zombies spawned already and adding those extra zombies would destroy the little server FPS we have left :-(
  4. Gooby.

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    what about spawning less zombies? lets say only one player would spawn zombies and there woudnt be more if player enters area? i guess this would increase fps and more hardcore?
  5. not spawning more = there wouldn't be any zombies in hotspots past 30mins of restart. I do not approve.
  6. Gooby.

    Gooby. Survivor Leaderboard

    is that a problem? This would make camping harder and easyer to sneak up to places like nwa middle combound.
    it also would be more realistic and hardcore
  7. Isn't it same to not play DayZ and play the sandbox where there are no zombies at all? I dunno what its named, but its pretty much the same game without zeds.
  8. I think you are thinking Wasteland? Loot stuff, shoot stuff, no zombies.

    But yea it is apparently impossible to add all the zombies that would spawn to the whole map at once, it would take too much from the server which would lead into huge lag/crash. Standalone however has this now but its only because they have optimized the engine.

    PS. Talking about HC, a city fight with 1mil zombies would be pretty fucking HardCore.

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