[WGR] DonnyD's Demise

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by DMiT, 2013-12-08.

  1. DMiT

    DMiT Suiciding with SUV Leaderboard

    Many of you might have seen, but if not here is footage of DonnyD getting his revenge on myself and [TSAD] WooWoo after killing him in a fight:

    Well, here's our response :-D (hatchet and machete again!):

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  2. Donny Dead
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  3. who was the guy that killed him man ? woowoo ?
  4. LeBron

    LeBron Hound Of Justice Leaderboard

    this makes me smile a little... Donny has killed enough of us to make this amusing.
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  5. Donny is a legend <3
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  6. Yeah I killed all 4 players in that area. Hatcheted Papsh then took his gun and killed Donny Big D then two other bandits which I'm not sure if they were with WGR or not.
  7. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    oh ye i remember that fight :) you were damnnnnnn lucky woowoo that i fell unconsious after i killed M.J (how the heck you survived these shots before? lol). I suddenly saw you behind us and start hip shooting immediatly, GG..:cool:
  8. ahahahaha this is sick guys :) i remember this too lol. mate i had no idea you were behind me, you probs woulda owned me if i killed woowoo anyway.
    i like you the most Lebron thats why i kill you the most ;-)
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