Starting a new group for DayZero US/DE/SE servers!

Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by Alex Craver, 2013-11-25.

  1. Alex Craver

    Alex Craver Scavenger

    Hi, I am an avid player of DayZ and DayZero. I want to start a new squad to play regularly with! I have a few requirements to join the squad, and i'll list a few here.

    - Must be 16+
    - You must be an avid DayZero player.
    - Speak fluent english.
    - Know how to handle close combat and helping your fellow teammates.
    - Know about how DayZero works and its many functions.
    - Knowledgeable about weapons and gear.
    - Know your personal limits aswell as what can harm the squad in intense situations.
    - Play weekly if not daily.
    - Any humanity is welcomed. (Hero/Bandit/Survivor)
    - MUST HAVE Skype/TS/Steam

    With all of these requirements please post your responses and such below in a reply. Also PM me or just post below your Skype/Steam. I am usually on the BMRF.ME TeamSpeak.

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