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    Still, lets think DayZ wise, you are lost in the woods, and your food and drinks are blinking, you have to kill someone/kill an animal ( If you have the tools ) or you have to make your way to a residential spawn and probably find food to continue the adventure. In WarZ you can just go on a menu a nd buy food/drink? Or after/in combat you can just buy food to get your Health/Blood up.
    Thats my opinions atleast :p
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  2. Eterion

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    food doesnt give health so you wouldnt be able to use it after combat to give blood up. but like the rest said: atm its WAY worse then DayZ, zombies are retarded (kills you in 2-3 hits whilst taking at least 5-6 melee slaps to die IF you manage to hit the head) running animation is really slow. game crashes every 5 minutes if you are unlucky. All to be expected from a alpha. the thing that i think bugs people is you expected more when they lied and said they had been developing it for 2 years. I think it could be a nice game but they are pushing to hard. 15 days alpha -> beta is not near enough time to fix everything that is broken so they will have to release a shitty game that wont be played by many. Only thing i can see rescuing them is man up and say that they need alot more time in alpha/beta to fix everything.
  3. Enzura

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    And on the interview their devs said they have been working on WarZ for 2 years.. Totally not copycats^^

    In fact that it should have been developed by now ( 2 years ) and not a mega buggy alpha with such a name as WarZ, which is a total namecopy.

    Don't buy this game guys, its a rip-off.

  4. Eterion

    Eterion Scavenger

    The most hilarious thing is the TOS. They copy pasted League of legends TOS :) there was actually a link to leageoflegends.com inside WarZ TOS :) well well, time will tell if they actually make this shitbox into something decent and fun. Back to looking forward to DayZ standalone :)
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    No, you can't just buy them from menus. You have to go to a store / safe-zone to actually purchase them.
  6. AngryPuzzler

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    No, not 100%. Wouldnt be surprised if you could actually, but I read on the WarZ Forums and they said food and drink only. Might be mistake, or a unreliable source.
  7. Eterion

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    atm you can buy more in the store then what u will be able to in the actual game. also everyone spawns with nightvision in the alpha.

    CAIOLOL Survivor

    I started the thread and since I played it I have an opinion on the game now.

    First of, I like the game, it is still buggy and all, but is cool and I hope it gets better. Not saying it is better thn DayZ, which will never be, but it is quite cool, difference experience.

    The bugs, I know it is on alpha and bla bla bla, but they said they have been working on this for 2 years? I think that if Tensien start coding on War Inc. to make a game just like that, he would take what? 2 months tops to come up with this alpha? Anyway, I was expecting alot of bugs, but the one that I find the most annoying is that you join a game after 15 min tops playing the game, it crashes. That bug is awesome. I think they fixed it already but...
    Moving on, the food and drink, I thought it goes down fast on DayZ and I know it does goes even faster on ZOMBIES.NU servers, but in that game, WTF? You run for 2 min, more thn half of your drink is gone and 1/3 of your food, seriously, wtf?
    My favorite bug, dieing for invisible zombies, god, I love that one. They are stuck under the ground, you stop to pick up some loot or you just stop running at all, you get hit. The zombies take like 10 to 20 hits with a flash light or a melee weapon to kill but against a player it is like 2 or 3 tops.
    Zombies dancing Michael Jackson, awesome, they don't get out of the spot they are but they keep walking with 0 fucks to give.

    Find loot in that game, it is harder thn finding a AS50 on SE3 ( get the joke? OKEY :-( )

    The players. Don't even get me started on that one. You join a server that has alot of people inside, they will be waiting for you to spawn, they know the exact positions of the spawns already, they are just sitting there waiting on you to spawn and BAM, your dead. I thought killing unnarmed people in DayZ were bad and people that do that should feel bad, but in this game, no one gives a fuck if you have just spawned or not, they are going to kill you eather way. In WarZ, friendly = kill me before I kill you.

    You died. Fine. Let's start all over, OH NO, WAIT, YOU JUST HAVE TO SIT BACK AND WAIT 1 HOUR BEFORE YOU START PLAYING WITH THAT CHARACTER AGAIN. Seriously? WTF? I know you can create 5 characters, but seriously, what is the point of that?

    Anyway, so far, not the best experience with the game, but it is something different, it looks cool, I like the game itself, I just don't like the bugs and the idiots that are playing it so far. Hope they fix it all until the beta, or at least some of it.
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    did they remove the silencer from the marketplace today? good thing I already bought one :-D

    ^^ The players are rude, to say the least. Everytime I see "u friendly?" in the proximity chat I wield my hammer, because they WILL attack you when you start typing an answer.

    It has potential, but it will never get the same feeling as The Day Z's Chernarus map. Oh, and the grass and tree textures are horribly ugly.
  10. fjutte

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    The War Z in one sentence: A very simplified spin-off of The Day Z mod, generally made for the 12 year old boy having access to his dads creditcard.
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    Exactly like i said earlier. It has potential but it really feels like they rushed it way to much. And only 15 days in alpha before beta starts. It can be a great game but it feels like they are in to much of a hurry to make the money. I really hope they fix it so it becomes a good game. If they worked on it for 2 YEARS like they stated i would think someone of the testers would notice allot of the bugs becouse they are not uncommon. I played for like 2 hours and got killed 2 times by invisible zombies, almost died to thirst 2-3 times. How did they not catch it when testing? And i still think copying League of legends TOS straight up was the most funny thing i have ever seen. Very professional :)
  12. fjutte

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    They're rushing because they're afraid of the Day Z standalone, dont you think?

    CAIOLOL Survivor

    Doesn't matter tbh. Even if they give the game away, make it free like War Inc. is, they still won't make as much money as Rocket will. The game is nice and stuff, but not even close to be better thn DayZ. I know it is still on alpha and I can't really jugde it right now, we will see when the full game comes out. But I doubt it will be better thn the DayZ.
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    Well DayZ standalone will probably come out in December so that's why they want WarIn...I mean WarZ out so they can reap the benefits of being first for all the players playing on public servers that are tired of hackers but still want a similar experience.
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