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  1. spyker50

    spyker50 Survivor

    The main reason I am currently, un-interested in the WarZ.

    Its not a super realism mod like ARMA/dayz. It looks far too easy, the zombies dont seem even slightly dangerous, and there is too much UI making it feel ever more like a cheap game. I believe that players will not get the same immersive feel that you get in dayz, with less danger and less "oh shit" moments.

    Overall dayz = a brutal hardcore game that takes no prisoners. Warz = care bear dayz for those that couldn't hack it.
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  2. Dhanijel

    Dhanijel Survivor

    Well, that's at least the best video I've seen of WarZ, makes it look a bit more interesting than before.
    But the FOV is terrible, I hope they fix it.
    I don't think I'll be playing this game, I'll wait for the DayZ standalone.
  3. soju

    soju Hero

    I don't feel that the problem with the WarZ is the game, its the developers. Yes, there its not illegal nor forbidden to copy other companies ideas, its actually good. When this happens we a better game and better prices. An example of copying that was "legit" is the moba games, dota -> HoN -> LoL -> Dota 2, all these games are good in thier own way, since they are completely different games but still have the same idea.
    What WarZ is, is nothing a almost complete copy of Dayz, almost everything is copied, even the crash sites are UH-1H(yea warz has crash sites with highend gear, they should add that to the standalone), most of the things in general looks like DayZ content. WarZ isn't the next step forward with the whole "zombies-survival-multiplayer" games that are to come. Its a step backwards, because they haven't added anything(oh silly me, the shop is their super idea, my bad there), they will probably just piss of the community by just porting DayZ into the War inc engine.
    Another interesting thing about WarZ is that they act like Dayz doesn't exsist, "The first of its kinda" or what ever they claim to be proves their ignorance and greed(yea, everybody has to makes money in this world, but making it by scam isnt cool).
    I don't get the same impression from WarZ devs that I get from Rocket. Rocket is passionate about his work and takes time with his game and tries not to rush it, Warz devs are just looking at Dayz and what rocket is up to, and putting it into their game.

    But I might be wrong, and WarZ turns out to be great. But I just have this bad feeling about the game, that its going to be CoD with zombies and a pay to win store, hopefully im wrong.
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  4. That sound when he walks inside the diner . . . HORRIBLE! sounds like hes got cans strapped to his feet! :)

    and yes, I know its just pre-alpha, but still . . .
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  5. Eterion

    Eterion Scavenger

    ive bought the preorder. there is one thing that i know will bug me when it comes out. from what i heard there is no bulletdrop making it alot less realistic and alot easier to kill ppl (aim and shoot from whatever range ur at) but im hoping they add it or the ppl i heard it from are wrong :O
  6. Eterion

    Eterion Scavenger

    this is kind of a stupid argument, just couse someone else has the money to waste on trying something that might or might not suck in the end he should give you money to try also? :)
  7. No, I was trying to make a point. If you want to waste your money on crap then that's your problem. I dont care.

    CAIOLOL Survivor

    You don't even know if it is crap or not. You haven't played it yet. How can you say that this game is crap?

    I do respect some of the point you have, but sometimes you say the contrary of what you just posted. Can't understand ya.
  9. Jake

    Jake Shipwrecked

    Looks poop, it's a no for me.
  10. FraelsarN

    FraelsarN Hero

    Gonna try it out in about a few hours, just gonna get some sleep first. :)
    I hope it delivers..
  11. Freddy

    Freddy Hero

    Doesn't start until 12pm PST, which is about 8pm in UK and 9pm in Sweeden.
  12. Walrus

    Walrus Svensken Leaderboard

    Harrooow! Who's up for some late night WarZ'ing if it's still coming up and functioning? Btw, how many here bought it and wich did you buy, Legendary/pioneer/Survivor?
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  13. I already bought it. Im waiting for the download page to popup, their whole server seems down tho. Forum, everything..
    And to be honest, ive made worse bets with higher amount of money in my life.
  14. Im a legendary.
  15. Well something turned out positive about the pay to win style ppl keep whining about. PCgamer claim that if you buy a gun for irl money. Die.. other players can totally loot it. So you have to either find a new gun or buy a new one. Pretty much denies forever pay to win. Even tho theres always players that pay to win with endless money.
  16. Walrus

    Walrus Svensken Leaderboard

    Yeaah, well it's due to release around 9-10 pm in sweden. I'm also legendary
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  17. Kind of creepy that the homepage server goes down without a word of notice the time its getting time for "launch".
    Im aware that these guys seems a bit more "human" in ways of speaking, typing and what not. Instead of script bots from Blizzard that has perfect typing etc.

    Well, we will see if its a scam or not :p
  18. Walrus

    Walrus Svensken Leaderboard

    yeah, I'm getting kinda creeped out by their "Fanboys" on the forum. Everything they say is all rainbows and roses, nothing bad ever :p Well well, they did warn us that the server will probably fail the first day
  19. Yeah i know, dont worry tho. I payed through visa. If its a scam i could totally get my money back.
  20. Walrus

    Walrus Svensken Leaderboard

    Same :)

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