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    CAIOLOL Survivor

    Anyone buying or thinking about buying it?
  2. Enzura

    Enzura Terminated Leaderboard

    I'm kinda skeptical as it feels more like a pay to win game :confused:
  3. No.

    First off, I am not a fanboy of DayZ. I think it's perfectly fine to like two games at the same time without taking sides.

    The thing that makes me NOT want to buy WarZ is that it reeks of fraud. There's no closed OR open beta so the videos out there are made by either the dev-team themselves or buddies of theirs.

    The few gameplay-videos that have been shown is 100% acting from the players. One guy yells "Woaahhhh" when he sees a slow walking zombie in the distance. Later on they see TWO zombies moving towards them in the dark and they get really excited. The animations look a lot stiffer than in Dayz (that really are stiff and unnatural too) and scripted for the purpose of making that very video.

    They've also mentioned things like that there will be an in-game currency (pay 2 win) and that doesnt really make me want to buy it.

    Anyways... until I see some REAL gameplay I will not give them a single penny.

    CAIOLOL Survivor

    The game was on CLOSED ALPHA, now on October 15th is going to be OPEN ALPHA to who pre-ordered the game and OPEN BETA on October 30th for those who pre-ordered as well. I did buy it, the cheaper version (15€), let's see. From what I've seen so far, the only thing I do not like is the glowing things around the items on the floor and stuff, but let's see.
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  5. Master_Seal

    Master_Seal Scavenger

    I've already bought dayZ once, don't need it again.
  6. Fake

    Fake #blametansien Leaderboard

    Nope. I might try it but it looks like DayZ cod style to me. Too easy, no realism, could take down a whole group in seconds with the weapons I've seen. Attachments, food, flares and other things (not weapons) can be bought in the shop. No deal Mr Money man.
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  7. Frags

    Frags Shipwrecked

    I totaly agree with you, WarZ seems like a such waste of money, I am never going to buy that crap game when it releases, I am waiting for DayZ standalone :)
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  8. Master_Seal

    Master_Seal Scavenger

    DayZ standalone is gonna rule sales. Over 1,000,000 sales.... it's going to be awesome.
  9. I'll probably buy it, but I highly doubt it will be any better than dayz.

    CAIOLOL Survivor

    I doubt it will be better than DayZ, but let's give it a go. Not that expensive doe, for 15€, it's good enough.
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  11. You dont even know what you are paying for. Why dont you wait for some real beta-gameplay?
  12. As he said, It's not that expensive.
  13. Tansien

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    I'm keeping an eye on it. Bit sad we won't be able to host our own servers, I also wish it wasen't "microtransaction" based, but who knows!
  14. Hano009

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    I bought it and i'm going to try it. We'll see how it goes from there
  15. Then how about you give me 10€? It's not that much.

    CAIOLOL Survivor

    I would if you would give me something I want in return.
  17. EXACTLY. You cant be sure that WarZ will deliver anything, so why give them money? Wait for some gameplay at least man.

    CAIOLOL Survivor

    You haven't even played the game yet, you don't know if it will deliver anything or not.
    1st time I saw Heroes of Newearth in my life, I told myself, "that's a shitty game, it's like WoW and shit, do not like it". A friend "made" me play on his acc to try it out, it was still HoN beta, today I've got 2 accs, 1 at 1700 and 1 at 1800 PSR and being playing since beta. You never know how good or how bad it is until you actually play it.
  19. And that is why I wont pay for it. Paying for a wildcard is a gamble.

    CAIOLOL Survivor

    I'm not rich, but 15€ for a game, is really good. I had the money, I'm curious to see if the game is good or not, so I bought it. I can be wrong and wasted 15€ or you can be wrong and I did spend 15€ in a good game. We will discuss more about this is a few days. Thn I will tell you if this game is a complete fail as I thought it would be or not.
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