Fletch you little f*cker

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by PK!, 2013-11-19.


Anyone else who have played on AWA?

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  3. Zombies.nu 4 ever <3

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  1. PK!

    PK! Scavenger Leaderboard

    Seriously fletch, first you kill me by that tree on altar and yesterday you fucking kill me again... 3m away my buddy was laying in a bush but no, you kill me. i was the ghillie guy on nwaf on the south hill, lucky for me i was playing with 2 guys from Hoarders who later killed you. after i respawned i ran up again and got all my gear back and i had a camo clothing in my backpack so atleast i didnt have to run around like a survivor..

    i had the same problem with you when we played on AWA, if i got killed 50% of the times you killed me,. i hope it wont be the same on this server aswell.. fucking hate you man, god damn.

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  2. hahah, winchester lonewolfing bro! Saw all of you run around and I had nothing else to do so :-D
  3. Cubie

    Cubie Professional Hoarder Leaderboard

    The love is in the air...
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  4. Frags'

    Frags' The Legend Leaderboard

    soo met :)
  5. oh damn, theres 10 hoarders already and now they got reinforcements :-(
  6. PK!

    PK! Scavenger Leaderboard

    i didnt see shit, it was so dark/foggy/rainy yesterday.. didnt understand how ANYONE could have seen anything at all without nvg's in that weather
  7. Cubie

    Cubie Professional Hoarder Leaderboard

  8. Saw your cute little ghillie head
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  9. Cute bizon SD you had just now. :rolleyes:

    Vote/Poll doesn't work for me. Shows 0 on all votes, and gives me no option to vote at all.
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  10. PK!

    PK! Scavenger Leaderboard

    Yeah like wtf,,, i was sure you were going to die... worst weapon ever
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  11. the only squad we have problems with is teamsix lol and mostly fletch, this isnt an exxageration but around 70% of my deaths are by teamsix and about 50 are but fletch lol, without a doubt teamsix are the best sqaud on the server but personally i hate to flame but you guys seem too good, you are able to track players insanely well, example, i seen a couple guys and got spotted instantly tbh thts expected nowadays people are really on the ball but my friend and i ran completly over the ridge out of view in a ne direction then take a sharp west bound turn, without being spotted we made sure of that but we got surrounded by 3-4 guys after being spotted in like 10 secs. but maybe im being too paranoid, this is easily explained its just teamsix seem to get out of situations when all looks bleak nearly all the time. but i have no proof and maybe im being butthurt but hey my personal feeling is teamsix are good without a doubt but someone is bs in there somewhere, i mean fletch your were banned on uk#10 around a year ago for esp, panda(admin of uk#10) banned you with valid proof, he watched you for 3 weeks and found you too be esp'ing, i seen/heard the proof through ts from panda himself, you then went to awa now dayzero so maybe you changed but you can understand my doubts.

    apologises if this is not what this thread was supposed to be about its just something i have wanted to say for a while. :)
  12. Hi there Ryan.

    We in TeamSix rarely stays in one position when being spotted or when we spot someone. We get out there, and surround the enemy. That's how you fin a fight!

    And I wondered how long it'd take before the UK#10 thing came up. Tbh, I don't see the point of even bringing that up. He found the admin camp (which was 500m from the coast, I remember exactly where he said it was) and the whole team of Jailbait (none of TeamSix, another squad we played with) got banned. We moved to AWA, had great fun, played there for ages without any problems or suspicion of hacking. The topic was even mentioned there, but not pursued by admins because it was no point in doing it. And the proof or evidence you claim to have seen, have not been handed out to anyone except apparently you. Which I completely doubt. I'd love to see a valid copy though! But my guess is that none of you have it. And the owner of AWA didn't even get copies of the socalled evidence when we started playing there.

    Now we've played on znu for about 4 months, and no problems here either. In my opinion, it's time to move on don't you think?

    If the administrators have the time to spend on watching fletch, well go right ahead. Or any of the TeamSix members for that matter. Most of Team6 have been here for ages.

    Now, about spotting you and your friends, it's not hard to see white bandits running around in an otherwise green landscape. We spot - we surround - we kill. Sometimes we even die.

    Im replying because fletch doesn't have internet atm.

    For me, your whole post seems like a ragepost tbh. Bringing up a topic that was ended over a year ago? Come on dude.
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  13. thank you for responding, i have no proof nor will i get any, theres a good chance thats because there is none to get :). im just stating my personal opinion. but your response on the uk#10... well its lies UK#10 NEVER had an admin base. i was in ts with admins all day and night back then, and there wasn't any admin base on that server, i still play with 5 guys who will tell u without a doubt that uk#10 never had an admin base. i personally have no contact with admins on that server for a whole other reason but others i play with do have contact with admins and i can get them to give you an answer. i cant prove they were admins though so you can dismiss it :/. Fletch and all the other 4-5 jailbait guys did not get banned for finding an admin base, THATS A FACT. it was the best server i have ever played on, good people, good admins. i have no proof of the esp that fletch used only a detailed description i was told so i have nothing to show for these allegations so i wont made any more allegations. the only thing i know for sure is fletch is lying about his ban reason, make what you want of this but im done, rant over :p i wont gain anything but make more enemies if i continue :p
  14. I got banned for "wallhack".
    Spawned in Tree Valleys, ran towards the north! Found a base with heli - and a guy teleporting around. Then got banned.

    Awa has even looked into this, and he agreed that there was _NO_ proof. Played there for a fucking year without any problems. Jeez
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  15. fletch i have no proof but if thats what you say happened then maybe it did i dont know, i dont see why 5 of you got banned. then again panda was an egotistical cunt and haha, you will like this, he ended up banning our whole squad for changing ts and it killed the server lol so maybe panda had a mental breakdown before the one we know of but as as far as i know there wasnt an admin base but hey i could be wrong so lets just agree to disagree

  16. Hence my response :)

    And yes, he is a selfish c*nt. Not the first squad he've banned for his personal preferences. But yeah, I hope we can continue to have our fair fights.
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  17. Im streaming everyday btw, trying to promote dayzero abit so we can get the player count up. You are welcome to watch through all footage, you will need a swedish translater some days tho.
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  18. Skallekillen

    Skallekillen Primary zombie falcon punch target Leaderboard

    Hey feckers! Get your own thread! This is PK's telling the wold he hates Fletch ;-)
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  19. "Primary zombie falcon punch target" haha thanks for the laugh
  20. Skallekillen

    Skallekillen Primary zombie falcon punch target Leaderboard

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