Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by DMiT, 2013-11-15.

  1. DMiT

    DMiT Suiciding with SUV Leaderboard

    If they back tracked to the days where Crash sites spawned after restart, a CZ could knock someone out, an m16 ACOG was high tier and a Coyote backpack was rarer than a can of dandelion and burdock. I might just return ;-)

    EDIT: Those were the days - but my leaving has nothing to do with "the state of the Mod" etc. It's purely personal.
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  2. sad to see you go DMiT, enjoyed ur videos and was fun playing with you when u were in DO :-( you sure will be missed

    its a shame really what olumox said that community is falling apart and something needs to be done with it ASAP, when you think about when there was 6 DE servers and 4 or 5 SE servers all full all the time, its just a shame

    EDIT: turning towards Rust maybe, DMiT?
  3. DMiT

    DMiT Suiciding with SUV Leaderboard

    Turning towards IRL commitments :-(
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  4. CBB

    CBB Chuck Bass Leaderboard

    He is gonna be a dad for sure.
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  5. DMiT

    DMiT Suiciding with SUV Leaderboard

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  6. :-(
    i always loved u
  7. Frags'

    Frags' The Legend Leaderboard

  8. zmay

    zmay King of Kamenka Leaderboard

    There are so much better stuff to do than staring at screen 5,6 hours per day pixel hunting, it was nice playing with and against you :)
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  9. DMiT

    DMiT Suiciding with SUV Leaderboard

    Just an update on this.... CB is a terrible mother xx
  10. CBB

    CBB Chuck Bass Leaderboard

    What do you expect? Ofcourse im in a bad mood, my nipples are sore from all the breast feeding.. :-(
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  11. Anddddddddddddddddddddddd you're back
  12. DMiT

    DMiT Suiciding with SUV Leaderboard

    Nope? Lurking forums ofc when I am bored, but not playing!
  13. Someone told me you was back :p
  14. seng1v

    seng1v Shipwrecked

    Soo a squad that doesnt shoot when being shot at.... might as well play by yourself...
  15. Totte

    Totte Stalker Leaderboard

    Have you ever heard of joking and sarcasm. Like cmon, it's obvious.
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  16. seng1v

    seng1v Shipwrecked

    Kinda hard to know its sarcasm when its text
    ... lol but I get you

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