The Russians now play on SE2!

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Mirix, 2013-11-10.

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    I can't make subtitles for long videos, it is really a hard work and would take hours.
  2. So true I don't give a fuck if people like to KoS but I never will do it myself except on Bandits.
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    Episode 22: "A night at NWAF"

    We decide to spend a night at NWAF. As we arrive we hear shots from south barracks. My friends go there to investigate and I go to south sniper hill. They find and kill two players and I join them. When we loot one of fake barracks we hear winchester shots. I spot a players who run from south barracks to camo building. It comes out he was with his friend. One of them died and another one enters camo building and logs off there. We go to north west part of airfield to loot another fake barrack. We hear SVD shots from central part of the airfield. Me and Strogopox go to west tree line to investigate and the rest of us go to opposite side to get close to interesting sound source. Strogopox spots a player in ghillie who runs in industrial compound but he dissapears and nobody can find him. All of a sudden one of us is killed with SVD. We spot a player on roof of industrial building. I shoot at him when I can see him but he survives and hides behind a wall. Strogopox runs across the airfield to find a position where he can see a sniper and kills him. Harbinger loots SVD from his body. All of a sudden a ghillie guy appears out of nowhere and attacks Strogopox. They exchange shots and a ghillie guy hides inside a camo building. Harbinger tries to kill him and dies there but Strogopox has better luck and kills a ghillie guy. He loots all he can carry but when he goes outside a building he is killed instantly. I stay alone and have nothing else to do but to join my friends on shore :)

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  4. very gj plau
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    Episode 24: "Lets go to Krasnostav"

    Me and Strogopox wait for Harbinger who found a pickup and is on his way to Solnichnyi factory. I run to the factory to meet him and give him blood transfusion. Suddenly I hear a car approaching. But Harbinger says he is still to far for us to hear. This is another car! It drives straight to the factory and we kill two players who get out (His name was Quile. Oopsie :rolleyes: ) So now we have enough cars to take us to Krasnostav. We observe military camp from Olsha and notice that zombies spawns there. Harbinger runs to the tents and kills a player inside. We spot another player in trees. We underestimate a distance and miss our shots. He start running along the tree line to the tents where Harbinger kills him too. We meet at west forest and run back to the tents. At tents we see a BTR driving around. Harbinger tries to destroy its wheels and they are too strong and BTR runs him over. We are too far away to help him and BTR drives away into the sunset. We suspect that BTR left someone behind and stay at tents. Soon I spot a player inside a camp...

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    Episode 25: "A night at Green Mountain"

    We fly in a heli and look for zombies below us. Everywhere is empty and the last place to check is Green Mountain. Yay! There are players. We quickly invent a plan in which me and Strogopox run to the tower and the others tease enemies using a heli. Our great plan works fine until heli pilot hit a tree and a heli falls near a fence. He survives and waits for us in a forest surrounding the tower. When we find him one of the enemies start to shoot at Strogopox but Harbinger kills him. I'm ready to give him a blood transfusion but suddenly another enemy shoots at us from the tower and kills me. We gather and run back to the tower where Strogopox who was the only survivor waits for us in the tower. We run inside the base and kill a player who was inside. I run outside to loot my body. Someone shoots at me from the deerstand and Strogopox kill him. We hide inside the base and wait for the rest of us. They do not reach us and the enemies gather outside and start an attack before restart...

  7. very gj plai as usualy
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    Episode 27: "Bad Bandits"

    We find a heli at Polana factory and spend some time there repairing it. Nothing much happens during that process but Jcorp is killed by someone who logged in inside a factory and we avenge his death. We fly to Krasnostav to look for some basic gear. We spot a player near ATC tower but tents look clear and we run there. But we were wrong and another player was inside tents. Jcorp picks us up and we fly to Krasnostav again. I find a gun in a broken plane and Strogopox loots a player I've killed before. While looting he is hit by a sniper from Olsha mountain. We have no bandages so we run straight to the tents. Inside a camp we find dead bodies only and loot them. We fly to Olsha to look for a sniper. Me and Strogopox jump out of heli and Jcorp scouts for us. He spots a bandit inside trees...

  9. go away troll noob

    nice videos
  10. Subtitles would be awesome!
  11. Didn't u get banned?
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    No subtitles for videos longer than 10 min, sorry
  13. Didn't you already ask me this? :-D
  14. Mirix

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    I am sorry to say our team was dismissed because everyone got tired of DayZ and quit playing. But I still play sometimes with random people I meet here on forum and the show must go on!

    Here is the first episode "New friends":

    We start our first day in Balota. We hear shots from ATC and spot a player on the roof. No idea what he was doing there but it is always a bad idea to climb on that roof. We go to Zelenogorsk and see two players looting tents and a supermarket. We try to sneak upon them but everything goes wrong and I die. We meet and go to Stary Sobor. We spot a player running on sniper hill and chase him. Suddenly he or someone else shoots at us but we can't find where the shots came from and retreat. We spot another players running from sniper hill and kill him. We go to a wooden barn to give each other blood transfusion and find a CZ there. Suddenly someone start to shoot at us and we all hide inside a barn. To be continued...

    P.S. I'm mostly alone now so feel free to contact me if you'd like to play with me. Must speak russian of course, my english is a failure :)
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    Episode 2: "New friends - 2"

    We end up inside a wooden barn with unknown number of enemies surrounding us. I spot a bandit behind a stone fence but I can't kill him. We decide to leave a barn and flank them but it is too late and Alexander is killed by one of the enemies who runs inside a barn. Nate shoots at him but he hides and we manage to run away. We go to Veresnik and stay there for some time to wait for our another friend Zurnak. When he arrives he spots a player in a field near Veresnik. We fail to kill him and he kills Zurnak and runs away. I run across a field to meet Nate. We loot what left of Zurnak and decide to go south to unite with our friends. Too bad we get there much faster than we expected!


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