The Russians now play on SE2!

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Mirix, 2013-11-10.

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    Miri I think you skipped Ep. 4
  3. Mirix

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    I don't like ep.4, it is too dark, my friends swear too much and I didn't kill anyone :) I make too many videos and will post best of them. But you can subscribe to watch them all ;-)
  4. Nice videos, tho I noticed few things and ill give u few advices:

    1st: I know its 1st person server but u (u = you) shud try to use trees as a cover rather than a disguise, u have oldschool survivor skin and that skin is different for every person that looks at u, so I suggest u try to shoot behind trees and look for line of sight through the branches rather than just standing in front of it exposing urself, ppl on dayzero tend to lower the graphics settings so low that on bigger distances they can see u when ur standing in a tree like u did on lesnoy khrebet

    2nd: I see ur using svd and also have a rangfinder but keep asking for range. as the word say rangfinder is used to tell range so I don't understand why u don't use it, also svd scope as cz scope that u were using before (m21, which ur friend has also) have all built in rangfinder, only they are a bit different, for svd u have a big graph and a small one inside a big one, big one is to range a target that's standing and small one is to range a target that's crouching so when u see someones zombies good thing is to range one as they are slow and not moving so fast so its not so hard to range on them.

    svd range finder works in the way that u fit a target inside the graph so his head is touching the top curved line and his feet are touching the bottom line and then at the position of the graph where those two conditions are met u read out the range from the scale and then shoot at the corresponding chevron.

    with cz on the other hand is different, u have a vertical line that's split with horizontal lines, these u use to range the way that when target is facing u u place the target between vertical lines and read how many horizontal lines does targets shoulder width take then u divide 1200 with that number and u get the range, adjust zeroing and shoot. also the convenient thing with cz is that the vertical line that ends under the chevron in the middle is for +50 m, so if u have zeroing set to 400, tip of chevron is 400m and tip of the vertical line under it is to shoot at 450 m.

    and the last for m21, ranging is used when ur using the closer zoom mode. u see how many mildots does targets height take and divide 1800 (if target is standing), 1300 (if target is crouching) with that number. there is also a number for when target is prone but I have to ask my friend about that.

    anyway I don't know how good u are with English but I hope u will understand everything and that this post helps u in the future :)
  5. Mirix

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    I'm good at reading english (much better than writing) so don't worry I understand all your advices! My problem with rangefinder is that this is too unusual item for me :) I just used to live without it and forget there is such an item. I didn't remember I had it in this video. I'm asking for distance because my friends are better at estimating it. Our team miss sniper and they say I will be the sniper now but I'm not really good at it :oops:
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    Next episode "The Wheels"

    Jcorp picks me up in SUV and we drive to Solnichnyi factory to look for repair parts. As we arrive we spot two players looting our factory! We have to kill them to not let them steal something we might need. We move SUV up the hill to take better position but hit a tree and break two wheels instead. I go to factory to look for wheels but find only one. As I return to SUV Jcorp spots another player close to us in woods and I successfully flank him. I return to factory to look for second wheel but have no success. We decide to leave SUV and go to Berezino to search for medicine and a wheel. As soon as we arrive to Berezino we see a player running north through the town. We chase him up to construction site...

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    But you missed the point, he meant that every sniper rifle has a rangefinder in it's scope!

    See here for details (if/when the links are fixed)
  8. nah from what I could see ur not bad u just need some practice :) use what I said it might help u sometimes, I sucked at sniping when I started playing this game considering I came from cod and bf3 into this which is more realistic and rigid than those two, but take some time to get used to it, use the editor too u can practice shooting dmr and svd there as they have noticeably bigger recoil compared to every other mod of a mod that's out there (try to lay down before u shoot sniper rifle too as it negates all the recoil on it and its way easier to shoot) play around a bit and ull get a hang of it

    also watch this video the guy explains it really good how to be a good sniper

    and yeh post more videos they are fun to watch ;-)
  9. Mirix

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    Next episode!

    "Wheels -2"
    We return from Berezino to Solnichnyi factory with a wheel to repair our SUV. There are zombies at factory and soon we spot a player with nice gear and decide we need it for ourselves. He runs through factory like he is looking for some loot and I have an idea that he found our SUV and now searches for a wheel. He runs away to Solnichniy and we wait for his return for some time. He returns but he is not alone, he brings his friend with him. They run through factory and to the shore. It comes out that they spot us and are ready to fight. We exchange shots but nobody dies. As I login back right after restart I hear enlfield shots very close. As I approach SUV I see that wheels are broken again. We destroy SUV with rocket launcher to not let anyone have it. After that we do some flank and spot enlfield guy at the railroad. I kill him and we go to look for ghillie guy. We spot him but he is far away running to Solnichnyi along the shore. So we decide to leave and go back to Berezino to look for some painkillers...

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    Предлагаю ко-оп, у нас есть БТР, но нет людей
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    MadMax so sick at the game, you do lessons?
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  12. Not sure if serious....
  13. Mirix

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    Next episode!

    Me and Jcorp go to Berezino hospital as we need painkillers desperately. We find all medicine we need and decide to look around from the roof before leaving. We spot two players, one running north to the woods and another unarmed close to us. Jcorp shots him several times but he is still alive. We go down to finish him but he finds a pistol somewhere and kills Jcorp. I go up the hill to observe hospital. After some time I hear zombie scream and turn around to see this guy right in front of me! I kill him but I am wounded and die of blood loss. Later I come back, loot my body and go to Solnichnyi to meet Jcorp. We decide to go to Krasnostav and check Polana factory on the way. At the factory we see zombies and soon spot players inside building. We run to another hill to take better position. We aggroed some zombies and have to kill them. We make some noise and attract players from factory who drive straight to us in SUV...

  14. Mirix

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    10th episode:

    "All about Heli"

    We drive south to pickup our friend Strogopox on shore. Suddenly there is a helicopter on a roof in Berezino. We decide to repair it. While my friends look for repair parts I climb on a stack to have a nice view on surroundings. We hear a strange sound coming from the sea. Suddenly a boat arrives! I try to shoot a brave sailor but miss and a mysterious camper (though everybody knows his name) shoots me from a crane and don't miss :-( I return to Berezino dock and spot a brave sailor again but I have no gun. Strogopox picks me up in SUV to drive me to military tents. On the way our SUV blows up nobody knows why. We have no bandages and run to the hospital for them. We visit military tents but there's no good loot. Meanwhile a mysterious crane camper (though everybody knows his name) thinks that we left and dares lo loot my body. Jcorps shoots at him and he hides on west side of the stack. Strogopox shoots at him from west and he moves to east side again where Jcorp kills him. We hear a boat sails away so I loot bodies and we continue to repair the heli. Strogopox lands it at nearby fuel tank but dies on getting out nobody knows why. As we wait for him to return I decide to check a factory for industrial loot and run into two players who go opposite way! To be continued...

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    Well Miri, I was the brave sailor that landed on the docks.
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  16. The chopper was put there to invite guys with gear to Berezino which worked well.

    P.S. It was my first time in a crane, and even that only because I was expecting the "brave sailor" to come and pick me up. You shot, we responded :)
  17. Mirix

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    The Heli story continues:

    I run to the factory and meet two players. A miracle don't happen and I die. I return and help my friends to kill these players. We go back to the heli and kill a player who tried to steal it. Thinking what to do with my SVD I decide to climb into crane. As I reach a crane I suddenly get attacked by a mysterious camper and die (OMG not again!). While I'm running back to Berezino docks my friends try to kill a camper but he leaves in a boat. We decide to take positions and wait for him. I climb onto highest building, spot a player on the roof and kill him. I have to deal with zombies and somehow destroy my SVD while switching to an axe. I loot a guy I killed and we continue to repair our heli. We miss only one part - main rotor and can't find it anywhere. We try to refuel the heli but it still leaks. We decide to give up and go away to repair a car I noticed before. Strogopox checks industrial loot fot the last time and a miracle happens. He finds a rotor!

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    The end of Heli Story went like this:

    So we find a rotor and manage to repair and refuel our heli. At last we can fly! We find couple of tents and destroy couple of vehicles but all of a sudden weather changes. At first it was not so bad but when we continue flight it became worse and worse. We try to land in Balota but fail. Jcorp dies and we continue struggle through dense fog without him. All of a sudden I hear steps behind me...

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    Episode 14: "Heli crash"

    We fly in a plane and look for heli crashes. We find one near Polana and loot it. Our pilot fails to land a plane and we have to continue on foot. We go to Gorka where we find CZ in a barn. All of a sudden I hear shots from heli crash direction and we go check it up. At heli crash we spot two bandits. We shoot at them and they shoot back at Strogopox who flanked them but noone dies. They are gone and we think they went to Berezino hospital as they are badly wounded. We find them there but they are leaving. We think they go to tents as there is no other place in Berezino to go. We find them there and fight them again...

  20. Mirix

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    Episode 15: "Loot"

    Jcorp spots two snipers on the same hill there I am but I can't see them. He runs around factory roof and gathers their attention while I run west. I meet Strogopox and we flank snipers and loot nice gear from them. The next day me and Jcorp wait for our new friend Ronnie. We spot players at the factory while waiting. Jcorp runs straight to the factory and I help him to kill a bandit there. Meanwhile Ronnie arrives and we decide to go to Polana. At Polana we hear shots from the factory. We run to sniper hill and spot three players who just left factory. We kill two of them but third one runs in other direction and hides behind a stone fence. Jcorp knows where he is and shoots at him at once as he shows up but he shoots too and kills Jcorp. We can't spot third player anymore and wait for Jcorp to be back. When he returns Ronnie changes position and sees that third player is already dead.


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