I'm searching for people to join my group (SE3)

Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by ProDuckHD, 2013-11-03.

  1. ProDuckHD

    ProDuckHD Shipwrecked

    Hello everyone, I'm Cpt. Troye. I'm 15 years old and i'm with my friend, hes 17 years old. We are searching for some friends to play with (atleast 2). If you're interested please post something (like your skypename).

    I'm from holland btw and my friend from sweden.
  2. I can play with you sometimes. I'm 15 years old from sweden. I play almost all the time.
  3. ProDuckHD

    ProDuckHD Shipwrecked

    What is your skypename?
  4. Mads Rahbek

    Mads Rahbek Shipwrecked

    Guys don't join him he is a bandit and will KOS.
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  5. Jonasgrahm1

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