Br0ze refueling his helicopter [Video]

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by MrRaiz0r, 2013-11-02.

  1. Little Br0ze refueling his littlebird
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  2. Space Squirrle !:-D
  3. LOOOOOOOOOOL u guys must be bored on se2 haha
  4. Taavi

    Taavi Survivor Leaderboard

    Log off now 1 minute till restart... *takes off with heli*
  5. That's what Bambi Br0ze does.
  6. Well yea everyone stays at the coast, hard to find people :-D
  7. Glad hes in your squad not mine :-D
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  8. NEA? usually i find lots of ppl there on SE2

    u forgot about tali ;-) jusst joking... or am i? ;-)
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  9. Croc

    Croc Survivor Leaderboard

    Yours MI on the airport today night?:)
  10. Nah I wasn't playing ;-)
  11. Gray Fox

    Gray Fox Mercenary Leaderboard

    ..Fuck the song got stuck on my brain. Please kill me? :-D
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  12. I clearly liked it since I just had to come see it again :p...
  13. Igs

    Igs Hero

    can you make lyrcs version,pls :)
  14. DukeRazor

    DukeRazor Hero

    Why the hell do I keep coming back and listening to little Br0ze refuelling his chopper..... Does he do any other songs? Refuelling my SUV etc...
  15. Im sure he has more versions, it's hard to find these rare moments but ill try my best!
    I am also trying to get him to put together the lyrics for this song.

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