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Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Chris Traeger, 2013-10-29.

  1. Chris Traeger

    Chris Traeger 2.8% body fat Leaderboard

    Hey everyone.

    I need some help for a good and fast video editing program.

    I´ve managed to find the best recording for my self wich is OBS, now when it comes to editing the videos i need a program that "saves" or / "encodes" a video fast.
    As of videos 1080p are often beyond 10 gb.

    Currently i use Corel Videostudio x6, wich is nice and easy to use, but my opinion is that "saving" files mpeg4 1080 is taking somewhat long.

    Any suggestions / what are you guys using?
  2. sony vegas pro get it cracked from an up to date youtube video.

  3. You crack stuff by using files provided in a youtube-video description? Enjoy them trojans.
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  4. Was about to say, sounds safe connor :p
  5. Had pro 10, 11 and 12 all full versions, no problems whatsoever, just need common sense, hence why I said an up to date video, check its likes/comments etc.
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  6. G Thang

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  7. Gray Fox

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    I used to have Adobe premiere elements and that did put out some good videos.
    Simple program, simple settings, 5-6video tracks.
    Did it's job, tried Sony vegas and such also which is of course better if you know your settings.
    But if you don't wanna "crack around" and want a cheap program i suggest this one.. But of course, everyone cracks these days :p
  8. 10bag

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    Haha now that's what I call warez.

    OP, for the love of god, if you're gonna pirate stuff then be smart and don't use YouTube.
    I remember using an awesome freeware video editor back in the day, might have been Lightworks? (
    It's been years since I used which ever program it was though, and I seem to remember it being open source and as good as Premiere.
  9. Have I had any problems? No. :)
  10. 10bag

    10bag Stalker Leaderboard

    Not every virus is ransomware. Keep doing your thing if you don't know any better, just don't recommend it to other people because that is irresponsible.
  11. Allfreakstar

    Allfreakstar Shipwrecked

    Use Dxtory to record in-game along with Lagareth Codec and perferably Sony Vegas if you are new to video editing. If you need assistance, shoot me a private message.
  12. Chris Traeger

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    Im not really new to video editing, recording or uploading. Thats everything you need to know to do some nice vids right?.

    But Hence im working with 1080p recordings, its very large files with 20-30gb. Uploading aint the prob with 100 mb/s upload. But "editing" "encoding" the video in any video editing program is the main prob, where i think it might go slow sometimes.
    I want the best video editing program that encodes fastest of em all.
  13. CyberLink PowerDirector. There we're talking speed.

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