Looking for Swedish/Norwegian players on the epoch server

Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by Kluren, 2013-10-29.

  1. Kluren

    Kluren Hero

    We are 5 players currently and looking to expand our base and looting capabilities, we play most evenings and weekends. We are all in the 30 yo range and looking for like-minded players.

    List of demands
    - 20 years or older
    - Swedish or Norwegian
    - Sense of fucking humor
    - Engineering skills
    - Degree in modern arts
    - Physics major in college
    - Super skilled ultra 1337 PvP machine

    If you cannot discern what constitutes as humor in the above list, you need not apply. We use skype primarily for comms and we will allow non swedish/norwegian players but only if you're super nice and have 2 briefcases full of gold as entry-fee :p

    P.M. me if you feel like this is your kind of group

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