So who's going to play BF4 / COD Ghosts?

Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by YarwoodUK, 2013-10-27.


Going to play BF4 or COD Ghosts?

  1. Battlefield 4

  2. Call of Duty Ghosts

  3. None

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  1. RedT3rror

    RedT3rror Survivor

    The typical 'Battlefield feeling' was gone when EA wanted them to beat CoD(also known as the birth of Bad Company). :-(
  2. rofl nice, the community is so small now (talking about a few thousands) so i didn't think a lot of you played "promod" or cod4 in general.
  3. Only team better than mine in cod4 was buttonbashers :-( they beat me at LAN in Holland
    Played both cod2 & cod4 on the highest level. We were almost the first team inside cod4.invite when they created it, and won almost everything after that. Lost 1 eurocup against stupid lucky Mazarini and paradox
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  4. pretty nice, i only got in academy a year before the channels a bit better now though lol
  5. BF4 is going to be shit just like BF3 and COD has been a joke since COD4.

  6. ^ exactly my opinion aswell.

    Although I was more of a CoD fan back in the day, used to sit on my offline ass and play the whole series of Call of Duty games.
    Until Modern Warfare came out and I bought an xbox 360, and played my sweat out on that for over 1,5 years. Then the series just crashed and burned into 10-12 year olds laps, and I just quit that series.

    I really enjoyed BF2, and especially BF:BC2 . BF3 wasn't that good of game.
    But I've totally turned my cheek to the CoD series, so I'll buy BF4 and check it out.
  7. I would play BF4 it there was no colored text, nameplates and fancy informations everywhere (like the radar). This is ridiculous, does not look realistic.

    Would be nice, a little bit like dayz, to feel inside the battle instead of behind a monitor.
  8. Hanness

    Hanness ZNU bitch Leaderboard

    I used to be a big CoD fan, until MW3 a.k.a MW2.2 came out! Didn't even buy it after seeing trailers and friends playing it..

    3 months before BF4 was released I decided to buy BF3 (WHYYYYY) and I loved it, then I bought BF4 so I'd definitely call myself a new Battlefield fan
  9. 10bag

    10bag Stalker Leaderboard

    COD multiplayer can be great online with mates and a spliffs, but DayZ has pretty much killed off my interest in COD cos it does the same thing better.

    I loved BF3 at first but something doesn't sit right with it any more for me. Not sure if it's the maps (back to Karkand were the best ones, and they're old!) or the general CODification of it all, but I don't think I'll be going back to the franchise.
  10. Still waiting for my copy of Ghosts to come in the post.. I won't even be opening it and returning it straightaway, based on videos/reviews!
  11. Yeah, seems like that game really went down the gutter.

  12. ghosts shit

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