So who's going to play BF4 / COD Ghosts?

Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by YarwoodUK, 2013-10-27.


Going to play BF4 or COD Ghosts?

  1. Battlefield 4

  2. Call of Duty Ghosts

  3. None

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  1. Two "big" games coming out very soon, but who's going to be playing them? And will you still play DayZero as well?

    Personally, I'm looking forward to BF4, played the Beta and liked it, too many people take down the skyscraper right at the start though, quite annoying as it's the best feature in the map.

    Call of Duty Ghosts doesn't bother me, it'll be COD Modern Warfare 2.6, same shit new title, but I'm getting it to own some noobs.
  2. Jonn

    Jonn Coast Camper

    I'll buy BF4, but not on release day, gonna wait out november and see if SA releases.. no point buying BF4 and then bumming it off for SA.
  3. was a big fan of cod back in the day, 2 and 4 were exceptional, amazing games with no flaws, but i lol at the way its gone, will probably buy them both.
  4. Gonna buy CoD:Ghosts first for some fast paced shooting. Skipped Black Ops II since I never really was a fan of the Black Ops franchise. Looking forward to this one though. I'll end up getting Battlefield 4 as well but probably around January. Got enough games for now to mindset myself to. Getting both for PC though.
  5. Melkor

    Melkor Lille

    I liked BF4, it felt much more like a successor to BF2 than BF3 could ever aspire to be.
    Oh, and STEALTH jets are nice to have.

    CoD Ghosts is Blops with DOGZ... nothing particular about it really.
  6. DMiT

    DMiT Suiciding with SUV Leaderboard

    Pre ordered BF4 for PS3.

    Inb4 PC gaming is master race - I like playing FPS on console with mates so fucking sue me :-D
  7. I agree that playing consoles every now and then is a good crack, doesnt compare to pc ofcourse. Loved playing cod 4 fucking mint game, bf4 was a flop imo and the new COD'S are also so wont be buying them! Just hope the Dayzero population doesnt take a hit because of these new games. Either way enjoy them!
  8. 100% heli piloting in bf4 for sure! And everything after cod4 has been utter shit in my opinion.
    Ak74u rushing and clutching crossfire 5v5 s&d never forget!
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  9. Flame81

    Flame81 DayZero Stream-king/babydad Leaderboard Staff Member Gamemaster Forum Moderator

    1000+ hours on BF3 so I dont know.

  10. Battlefield 4 Def. Can't say I find CoD that interesting anymore. Modern warfare 1-2 were awesome but after that nah.. Black ops ruined it for me
  11. played bf3 and after all hours wasted on it i say BF4 is bulshit revamped... paying 69,99€ for a old game engine with new filter and minor modifications is retarded. but thats just my opinion -> BF3 started as a good game: kids ruined it at the end, BF4 made for kids.. bye bye.. rather buy a better GPU to play arma 3
  12. I remember when Left 4 Dead was really popular & had a great community. Then Left 4 Dead 2 popped out. It all looked the same apart from it being daylight & the new boring zombie classes that were put into the infected team. It split the community in half & basically killed the game since people got bored of #2 so fast but couldnt go back to #1 because of the lack of good players/lobbies.

    This is basically the same thing. Some people will stay on BF3 while some buy BF4. It's the same game with new maps. Then in a month or two that premium bullshit will start handing out DLC:s. People who didnt get the DLCs will stay on normal BF4. That's another split in the community. Then another DLC comes out 2-3 months later etc etc. That's the reason why I dont buy it. They already mentioned working on BF5 by the way so in a year from now there will be another dubstep trailer featuring "more destruction" on the same engine, with the same everything - BUT on new maps.
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  13. #Forever cod4
  14. I will be playing Battlefield 4. I tried the beta & I enjoyed it way more than Battlefield 3. I played Battlefield 3 for only around 80-some hours in total. But played Battlefield 4 beta for 25 hours on a weekend :p
    I'll be buying Battlefield 4, I don't mind it's the same engine because the engine kicks ass!
    And it's only 60 euro anyway ;-)
  15. more like vacant, mp5 sd straight through the centre, 1 frag = get wiped.
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  16. All about shipment 64 players and martyrdom.
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  17. lmao guys actually played cod4 competitive here?

    still playing it since 2007/08...clanbase/cybergamer/academy :p
  18. Yup lol. Promod ;-) Used to do CB and ESL.
  19. Neither. Both franchises have turned into recycled trash. I was a huge Battlefield fan back in the day, but it seems like EA is pushing Dice to release quantity rather than quality.
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