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Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by Jonn, 2013-10-18.

  1. Jonn

    Jonn Coast Camper

    I'm 16, and looking for a squad on DayZero.
    I have played arma for over a year, and have clocked around 1800 hours on arma2.
    Things I have/can do in your squad!

    8 months of DayZero experience (I used to share an account, made my own one ignore the date-made)
    Very goodMap-knowledge
    Knows how to use a compass
    Active 4-5 Days a week.
    Has TS3/Ventrilo/Mumble
  2. To join my elite squad you must loot farm the nwa for me for 2 weeks. Pm me when you have filled 2 urals.
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  3. Jonn

    Jonn Coast Camper

    Filled 2 urals, of tins-cans.
  4. Good i need those to troll team mates with.

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