[Hoarders] Recruitment.

Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by Cubie, 2013-10-14.

  1. Cubie

    Cubie Professional Hoarder Leaderboard

    Currently we are searching for new players for our merry roster of failures.

    The requirements are:
    *DayZ Vet.
    *As MartinCB says "Skön".
    *An unquenchable thirst for blood.

    PM me here on the forums if you meet the requirements for joining and i'll hand out the TS details.
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  2. had some nice fights against you guys, good luck :)
  3. Hangon, arent u guys like 10 allready?
    Damn, its gonna get harder now :-(
  4. Skallekillen

    Skallekillen Primary zombie falcon punch target Leaderboard

    We aim for 65 so we can truly own the servers. Then we can hoard and loot-cycle NWAF without the annoying firefights.
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  5. NuclearAdmiral

    NuclearAdmiral Back in business

    I like you.
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  6. Predatory Clown

    Predatory Clown Level 3 Wizard Leaderboard

    Noone goes purposely looking for Swe's. something fishy here.
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  7. katt

    katt Survivor Leaderboard

    You did clown, that's why you sleep in my bed now. (hes the female)

    gl with 65 people, you need it :pPPppPppp

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