[Wulf]-Clan is searching for experienced players!!

Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by Krasiv, 2013-10-08.

  1. Krasiv

    Krasiv Shipwrecked

    Like the title it already sad.If you are interested in then pm me.
    We are playing This is madness mod (available in dayzcommender)


    *Being a good teamplayer
    *Speak GERMAN
    *experienced player

    About us :

    *Average age 20
    *Every tactial and experienced
    *Every time a lot of fun

    teamspeak: Tim-server.eu [Wulf]-Channel or pm me ,what ever :)

  2. Hey Krasiv,

    Keep in mind that this community is solely for DayZero (with the exception of 1 Epoch server). Recruiting people for the "This is Madness" mod in this community won't get you very far I'm afraid.

    Good luck with your search!
  3. Krasiv

    Krasiv Shipwrecked

    We also would play dayzero

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