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Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by mikeyyy, 2013-10-07.

  1. Hey, my name is Mike, I'm from germany and 17 years old.
    I've been in quiet a lot of squads in the past but they splitted because of inactivity mostly.
    I'm playing dayz since day 1 (with 1-2 month breaks) so I know Chernarus better than my own hometown (know all roads, towns, areas, etc etc.)
    I'm a bandit, I most likely shoot everything that comes across me (except zombies and animals).
    I'm able to play daily from 15:00 till whenever we stop playing.
    I do straight calls and don't cry when I die or when something goes wrong. Also I don't mind playing in an english or a german team, i can speak both pretty well i guess lol.

    PS: I don't care if you play on DE123 or SE 1-3

    Name: Mike
    From: Germany
    Languages: German, English
    Activity: 15-x
    Experience: ALOT

    I rather playing with teamspeak so it would be good if you use it (don't mind downloading Mumble or Skype though).

    If you are interested leave me a msg.
  2. bump. There was quiet a few adds for making a new squad but i'd also like playing with a squad that already exists/existed before they asked me :p
  3. Dude. You have posted soo many threads about squadsearching etc xD
  4. bump, my old squad is to inactive


    ye cuz i can't find my old posts lol
  5. haha xD
  6. Ragstorm

    Ragstorm Shipwrecked

    I'm 17 aswell and the cool thing is we play at the same time if you like my playstyle add me on skype Lestat_1996 and than we will fix a team speak and kill people around making videos and stuff..

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