5th Infantry Clan - Recruitment

Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by Kenert, 2013-10-06.

  1. Kenert

    Kenert Harry Spotter Leaderboard

    If you are interested to join our clan, send me a private message! FYI: We are an English speaking clan.
    • Mature.
    • Good quality microphone.
    • Stable internet.
    • European timezone. *
    • Dedicated player.
    • Team player.
    • Good and understandable accent.
  2. LOGO

    LOGO Hero

    Im in im in :p
  3. Aunex

    Aunex Survivor

    I'm looking to start up again. i'm 21 and looking for some people to play with. PM me or add me on skype(Snigerenlol)

    I have played here on zombies on and off since december last year and my old clan was called TSC

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