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Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Eden, 2013-10-06.

  1. Eden

    Eden Check these cords on podagorsk. Is it an ACC?

    I was wondering if there was any martial artists out there.
    I have been doing punches and palm strikes on my punch bag for a while to try and toughen them up. If there is anyone who has done this before can you please give me some good guidelines? I am doing this for my karate so i am a better hand to hand fighter.
  2. Teskuz

    Teskuz The Mascot Leaderboard

    A bag won't make your fists much stronger, I have a few friends who takes a newspaper / magazine on top of a wooden / metal piece and just punch until you start to break the wood. But I would assume that a bag is the way to start though.

    I believe this is where my friends got their idea from.
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  3. Eden

    Eden Check these cords on podagorsk. Is it an ACC?

    Thanks very much, I am going to work on my bag for a while before moving up a step, my main concern is doing it in such a way that I will avoid long term injury.

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