Old school arma player looking for partner,squad

Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by Ragstorm, 2013-10-04.

  1. Ragstorm

    Ragstorm Shipwrecked

    Sorry for the hard understandable form of the post i just copy paste it from a comment to a topic i made and it's too much to be writen again thanks have a great day.

    I can say i'm acting pretty mature because i'm practicing mortal arts and basic police.military training for 8 years
    Playing FPS games since 4 years old. Counter strike 1.5/1.6 into battlefield(6 veteran status) playing DayZ since release and arma 3 since release.About bein Humble i usualy pass the good gears to weaker players on my team because i don't need gear to kill people.Patient usualy when i play any kind of FPS i prefer to stay in 1 spot and waith for my enemy to get on my sights.About talking good english i think it should be enough so we can understand each other in any DayZ situation.About willing to improve i always aim to be in the top and i do it in every game played world of warcraft was top 5 from 1925 teams 2 years ago.Diamond in League of legends.About bein good sniper it's my second best weapon class if i can say it (i'm best with LMG) i love playing sniper DM in arma 2 and i usualy always win it my only problem is leading targets at +500,600m i think this is enough of speaking for myself. Here is some footage i recorded in 2 days.

    Please PM me or add me on skype Lestat_1996
  2. Soulrea3per1

    Soulrea3per1 Scavenger

    I would be intereted joining you. Im from Germany and im 16 Years old, im searching for active people that can almost play every day since i have much free time, so i hope you have enough time to play DayZ. I would use Teamspeak 3 for the communication since skype isnt working for me and i don't really like mumble but it would be fine for me if youre using it. Im playing DayZ since 1 year and 3 Months now. I also prefer 3rd person servers, i mean 1st person only is nice when u have a big fight against another big group but thats all. I hope to hear something from you real soon, and btw nice montage :)


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