German Guy is looking for Group/People to play.....

Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by Pawa, 2013-10-02.

  1. Pawa

    Pawa Shipwrecked

    Hey Guys!
    Iam looking for a Group/People to play Dayzero.Iam 27 and my english is above average i would say.I would prefer to play with people that speak german but its fine to play with english speaking people too.Iam playing Dayz/arma for 1 year.I dont want to play with childish people but also not with people that take it all too serious.People around my age would be nice.So thats all ive got to say just send me a pm if you are looking for someone.

    cya Pawa
  2. Sound

    Sound Scavenger

    Hey add me on skype soundblasternl
  3. Homunkolos

    Homunkolos Shipwrecked

    Hi, Pawa
    are you still searching for people ?
  4. 10bag

    10bag Stalker Leaderboard

    2-12 man squad here, our most regular players (me & Matrix) are 24 & 26.
    We play most nights, 17:00ish til very late, on DE3 (DE1 and DE2 too sometimes).
    We've been looking for a German player for a while, I'll PM you our TS3 server IP and Steam usernames :)
  5. Hiasor

    Hiasor Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    hey guy`s
    iam from germany
    iam looking for a Group too
    iam 25 years old and playing dayz for like 1 year

    have a nice day and stay safe !


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