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Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by Vonrox, 2013-09-23.

  1. Vonrox

    Vonrox Shipwrecked

    Hello everyone,

    Im a 30 yr old finnish guy and i´ve been playing dayz since last spring (around 500 hrs into game). I´ve mostly played on chernarus map with different mods but liked the vanilla most untill i discovered dayzero. I know the map and the game mechanics pretty well.

    I play on SE3 since its populated and has night time. What im looking for is a grp of mature players who communicate well and play "lets say" semi seriously :) (not to much fooling around, but some ofc!). I´ve got no objection to play on a different server as long as it has night time.

    on a side note i´ve spent quite a few hrs flying choppers as well so flying them is no prob.

    My english ain´t too bad and i play on most days around 16pm to 22pm (weekends later) GMT. Ive got experience playing mostly with brits and scandinavians.

    toss me a pm if you are looking someone like me for your grp/squad.

    Any Qs im happy to answer.


  2. robust

    robust Scavenger Leaderboard

    Take a look my attempt at getting some people together for a squad on SE2, and see if you find it interesting. Currently I've played with 3 people as a trial and we'll see if they are interested in continuing or not. If you are keen on playing I'll contact the next in line that has shown interest.. first come first served :)

    *Shameless plug*
  3. Vonrox

    Vonrox Shipwrecked

    Bump! Still looking. Playing on SE3 and looking for a some active grp to play with. Playing atm with 1 other guy.
  4. I'm down if you're still looking for someone to cooperate with ;-)

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