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Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by robust, 2013-09-22.

  1. pRaX

    pRaX Ze German

    Actually no, there was interest in joining for 2-3 people and we thought the Mumble decision was based on a lack of dedicated server or something. I had offered to make usage of my dedicated Teamspeak3 server if that was the case. But we also had some other concerns. Which you sadly provided the proof for. That's all. (No, Mumble wouldn't have been an issue)
  2. robust

    robust Scavenger Leaderboard

    Not sure why you would think that in the first place to be honest. You really need to be more clear.. I'm not a mind reader. Next time when you have some "concerns" or want to "offer" something please write that directly. From my point of view it just looks like you are out to provoke people when you say stuff like mumble puts you off, and the next second that it's not an issue. I hope you guys find what you are looking for elsewhere.
  3. robust

    robust Scavenger Leaderboard

    I've invited the next people in line. This hasn't been cleared by the others in the group, so the invitations are on a trial basis at first. We don't have a specific time set for tonight, but I'll give the mumble information to the ones that I've invited. Hopefully they will join the mumble server when they play so that we can link up.

    Thanks for yesterday btw roxunreal. I'll try to be less tired for tonight.. I woke up at 05:00 both days tho :)
  4. Soulrea3per1

    Soulrea3per1 Scavenger

    Im out of the group. Sorry guys but 1. I dont like that Mumble thingy + the quality is worse then teamspeaks. You were searching for the best players but youre saying that u only find vehicles and suck in pvp so i dont get that part. We played 2 days and we met once and direclty died. Im gonna search another group. Cya
  5. robust

    robust Scavenger Leaderboard

    Ok thanks for letting us know, I'd be lying if I said it was a big loss tho. As a parting gift I'll give you some pointers so you won't have to feel confused. Secondly I think that it's only fair that I give my story as a reference for other people that are deciding if they should play with you or not. I really didn't want to do this publicly because this thread doesn't need more random "internet drama". Especially when it's from people that didn't read or misunderstood the first post. But since people will read your message and get the wrong idea I don't feel like I have an option. Here goes..

    You still haven't told me if it's the sound, the client itself or something completely different that you are referring to when you are talking about "quality". Either way it would be nice if you would provide an objective source of comparison instead of making your personal opinion sound like it's a fact. But in the end you are entitled to your personal opinion. I'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that talking about other voip solutions won't lead anywhere. Mumble will still be used and if you don't like it in the first place then don't join.. it's that easy. This is not a discussion thread about mumble!

    Please read the first post from top to bottom. "I'm not looking for the best players.." is the most important part. I'd also like to explain the quote about me saying that I "only find vehicles and suck in pvp" because you clearly didn't get it. I said this as a joke because of the 3 vehicles that I came across in the 10-15 minutes that it took for me to get to you the first time we played. After we met we got killed close to the NWAF. When i respawned I decided to search for a vehicle so that everyone could get together faster and I found an ATV in two pine trees a short time after I joked around. I don't find it strange that you only met us once, considering that you rage quit, then ran of solo and afterwards disconnected. And yesterday (the second day) you didn't play at all. How weird ;-) In comparison me and roxunreal met up both of the days and I had fun at least. I'll let him give his opinion tho.

    Soulrea3per1 please feel free to talk with me in private if you have anything else to say.
  6. He wasn't searching for the best players but for players who have an understanding of how the game works and thus won't ask "how do I do this, where do I find that" all the time. Knowing the gameplay and world does not = being "pro". He also murdered three armed people in a minute at the firehouse in Elektro or Cherno. We had fun the last two nights and will continue to do so. Also mumble is every bit as good as TS3 and in many ways more intuitive, and I've only ever used TS2/3 all my life up to now. Not saying any of the two is really better, it's just that I don't mind using mumble at all and sure as hell would never whine about it or stick to TS3 unconditionally like my life depended on it. Cya around dude and have fun, no hard feelings.
  7. robust

    robust Scavenger Leaderboard

    Welcome Gooby. , Stalker and kaptensill. I had fun tonight.. still not finished tho :) Hope to see you all again.
  8. Rask

    Rask Shipwrecked

    Hey, I am interested!
    I am 25, speak english and can commit to long game sessions.
    Been playing Dayz for over a year and dayzero for about 3/4 months.
    Know my way around the map really well and dont mind using a different mic system.

    send PM!
  9. robust

    robust Scavenger Leaderboard

    Rask, I see that you are in contact with another group as well. If it's not a good match and you still are interested in joining us I'll run it by the other players in the squad, and we will vote if we should take in more people or not. Good luck :)
  10. We have done pretty well when i have been on with you guys atleast. Putting down alot of players with accurate co-ordination and tactics. The group has good communication, and good sense of humour from the squad with no rage quitters. I havnt met everyone that's been on but the regulars are strong players who work well together.
  11. robust

    robust Scavenger Leaderboard

    Do you still feel the same after tonight Stalker? ;-)
  12. Haha yeah, i got some nice kills tonight again. Just arma engine and its dodgy animations, combined with constant .pbo kicks started to piss me off. But that's DAYZ for you.
  13. Rask

    Rask Shipwrecked

    Yeah, I'm just trying to find different groups to run with. It may not work since they are kinda in a different time zone - but we will see. But I am still really interested! So just keep me posted.
  14. Nutzer1

    Nutzer1 Shipwrecked

    Hey buddy,
    i played origins for about 6 month / Vanilla for 3 month and recently decided to switch to dayzero due to inactivity of my team. Im 19 years old, from germany and my english is pretty decent since its the language im speaking at work. I have a lot of time and i think im a somewhat skilled dayz player.

  15. robust

    robust Scavenger Leaderboard

    I'll be online tomorrow night. How many of you can play at 19:00? Rask I'm not sure if you received my private message, but you are welcome to try playing with us if you still are interested.
  16. I'm still on every night though it's been quiet the last 2-3 days.

    Don't know about tomorrow though, depends if I'll be at home or not.
  17. robust

    robust Scavenger Leaderboard

    Yeah seems a bit inactive. How many of you are still playing? Please reply in the thread so I know if you left or if you are just inactive. I've waited for 2 hours tonight and will probably play something else instead :-(
  18. Hanness

    Hanness ZNU bitch Leaderboard

    Mate, a quick tip is to add your team mates on skype/steam and make a group conversation so you're up to date if they want to play or not.
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  19. robust

    robust Scavenger Leaderboard

    I understand your point. But it's hard to add someone that I haven't been able to get in touch with yet :)
  20. Mar

    Mar Hero

    29yo, good english, new to dayz (3 months or so). FPS background *cs1.6. aimpriest is my steamid. add me and message me when you want to play. I also played with Stalker a bit.

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