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Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by robust, 2013-09-22.

  1. robust

    robust Scavenger Leaderboard

    I'm trying to to find find a couple of people who share my love for DayZero. Since I started playing DayZ last summer I've grouped up with many different kinds of players. Sadly most of my friends that I usually play with think that DayZ/DayZero is too time consuming / slow paced. I can understand why they would say that, but my opinion is that there are very few games that give the same adrenaline rush. But it all depends on the player.. you need to be ready to put in some effort to get the best experience!

    Current players

    Waiting list (First-come, first-served)

    Right now we are 6 players (3 trials) that have just begun playing together. We are not accepting more because that would make it even harder to organize the group. If you still are interested please say so and I'll add you to the waiting list. Hopefully we will be able to make the squad bigger in the near future when we've played more together. If you changed your mind or don't want to wait just say the word and I'll remove your entry. Thanks for understanding :)

    Here are some things that you need to know before considering joining

    Mumble is used for voice communication
    This is not up for discussion. There's a mumble server ready for use.

    We will only play on SE servers
    This is because all the SE servers have their own database. If you think that server hoping to get out of battles or to loot is ok, then you aren't the player i'm looking for.

    We only play first-person
    Third-person is the most popular kind of server. Personally I don't find any enjoyment in scouting over walls or using other kinds of third person "tactics".

    We play on SE2 only (can be changed in the future)

    Here is a list of requirements that you need to meet

    You have a better than average understanding of the game.
    I'm not looking for the best players.. I just don't want to have to be one that has to "hold your hand". You should be able to think for yourself, and not have somebody else micro manage you. Also there is nothing that annoys me more than someone who doesn't even try to figure something out by themselves. People we have the technology!.. it's called google.

    You play DayZero regularly, and put other things aside when you do
    If you join a play session it's expected that you can play at least for 2 hours without interruptions (except for toilet breaks and small things like that). This means no random phone calls or suddenly remembering that you need to cook/eat/shower or something else that you can take care of afterwards. In short sort out your affairs before you commit to playing. REALLY important things that are out of your control doesn't apply to this rule.

    You speak english
    You need to be able to make yourself understood. Delayed or unclear explanations during a fire fight will get you/us killed. Also you need to be able to constantly talk while in a stressful situation and give status updates. This is a team effort after all.

    You are mature
    We don't enforce a specific age limit. You just need to behave like a decent person. If you are restricted by your parents when/if/how long you can play then you can ignore this thread :eek:

    You are not a quitter
    In DayZero you will die! From other players, bugs or your own stupid mistakes. And when you do you should be able to keep it cool and keep fighting on. No rage quits!

    You need to have a "good" microphone
    Or at least a microphone that doesn't sound like crap.

    Reply in the thread if you have any questions or if you want to try out. I'll contact you with further information when/if we can take on more players.
  2. Soulrea3per1

    Soulrea3per1 Scavenger

    Im from germany and im 16 years old. Im playing DayZ every day because i dont have much to do in my free time. I read everything and i think its fine for me, but the only thing i dont like is that i have to use Mumble. I tryed it once and the Quality was really worse then Teamspeaks. So i dont really know.... I will try Mumble again and u could probally tell me how to configure it right when i did something wrong. Im playing dayz 1 Year and 2 Months now and im pretty good at the game :). My english is not perfect but it should be ok. I played on SE2 for some days and it was an awesome feeling when u only have first person. So i should be fine with that too. So i hope u will write back soon and we can go on SE and kill some people :).

  3. robust

    robust Scavenger Leaderboard

    I sent you a private message. Thanks for showing interest in my little "project" :) Regarding the issue of mumble I'm not sure what to say. I addressed this in the private message, but now when I read your text another time I'm not sure exactly what "quality" refers to. Was it the sound quality? Or the client perhaps? I bet it's the first and when it comes to that I don't have anything but positive things to say about the sound quality/latency. I can't imagine that the difference between TS3 and mumble would be a huge problem like in your case. I would chalk it up to either a bad server or bad settings. If other people are skeptical about the whole "mumble thing" then feel free to send a private message and then we can arrange for you to try it out for yourself.
  4. wakandy

    wakandy Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    yo, 20yr old, and I meet all the requirements;-) <3 first person brochacho, from sweden as well fyi
  5. I'm up for it. I'd like to try out Mumble as I've never used it before.

    26 year old from Croatia, can play for two-three hours on most weekday evenings until midnight CET aka 11pm GMT. Some fridays and saturdays I can do an all nighter up to 4pm for some nice night ops. I detest third person which is why I play on SE 2 exclusively. Not "pro" by any stretch of the imagination but I understand how the game works and need no hand holding :)
  6. robust

    robust Scavenger Leaderboard

    Status update: Currently I've invited Soulrea3per1 , wakandy and roxunreal to play tonight at 19:30 swedish time (17:30 GMT). Please reply if you are available or not. If you haven't responded by 18:30 there is a possibility that your spot will go to the next person in line (currently one player in queue). Please be in time if you accept. I will try to be online at 19:00 and see if anyone is already ready or needs help with mumble. If you have any suggestions or any concerns regarding tonight please feel free to discuss this openly in this thread. I've put the player limit to 4 for tonight.. considering that none of us have played together. It might still be too many.. we will see :)
  7. Soulrea3per1

    Soulrea3per1 Scavenger

    The only thing i dont want is a large group. I think that 5--6 people are the max that u should have. Im fine with anything under that too. I dont really know when i should come online :-D. I mean germany is 1 hour infront of sweden i think. So do i need to be online at 20:00 PM or 18:00 PM?
  8. robust

    robust Scavenger Leaderboard

  9. I echo the small group thing, much more effective to coordinate a few people than a dozen.
  10. Soulrea3per1

    Soulrea3per1 Scavenger

    Played with 2 friends on SE2 killed some people and im good geared now (M4 CCO SD many clips + G3A2 ACOG)
  11. Not smart saying where you are on the forum, I'd edit that.

    I'm goodly geared up too, have all tools apart from the toolbox, just would like to find a 24 slot backpack and a suppressed SMG as a secondary gun, and maybe a suppressed APS instead of the Makarov SD I have now.
  12. Soulrea3per1

    Soulrea3per1 Scavenger

    Ye but what will they do about that? They only know that im there but not where exactly so it doesent really matter to me. ;-)
  13. Yeah I know, still the less info the better ;-)

    Edit: and disinformation is even better :-D
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  14. robust

    robust Scavenger Leaderboard

    I hear what you are saying. Tbh I wasn't expecting there to be this many people interested in the first place :) I think 3-4 people is a good start. We still have the option to add a player or two if that is necessary. Another alternative could be to make mini squads in numbers of 3, for locking down bigger areas. This is easily managed via separate mumble channels that are linked so that the leader in each group can communicate with the other ones. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's take it slow and see what happens tonight. I'm really looking forward to it. Please send a message to me in private with your current gear / position and if you have a vehicle ready. Or we could just decide on a meeting place when we get on mumble.. that will work also.
  15. Sches

    Sches Shipwrecked

    Get me in battle, Commander!
    Im 14 years old, i consider my english fairly good.
    Ill be on day z any time you request me (But i have to go to school too)
    Im Norwegian (My scandinavian brother)
    And my mic is pretty decent even though its on a laptop, its samsung!
    Im willing to be the scout or what ever and find the resources needed.
  16. Separate mini squads require really good teamwork, organization and practice to avoid friendly fire. We should keep it small and simple, at least for now as you said. I play Il-2 Sturmovik with up to 30 people of the clan I belong to against another clan and know full well the chaos that can ensure if you're not organized properly with such numbers of people, and friendly fire there is even less of a concern there since enemies have different aircraft types, while all people all look more or less the same in DayZ.
  17. umayagi

    umayagi Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    I meet all the requirements, I love First Person Only servers, I play on SE2 , and I reguralrily play Arma 2 with my squadmates. I am 16 years old and I would gladly join your squad.
  18. Send us Mumble connection info in PM please.
  19. robust

    robust Scavenger Leaderboard

    I've sent the info now. Reply in the thread if you havent recieved yours.
  20. Sches

    Sches Shipwrecked

    I havent

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