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Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Mulleboy, 2013-09-16.

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  1. Mulleboy

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    As we have many, many more servers now than we did when we first launched these forums the story subforum has been overwhelmingly overflowing with cool stuff, and we still want you all to post your stuff - because most of the time, that shit is hilarious.

    So, let's talk a super easy 3-step-guide how to properly post:

    1. MAKE A TITLE!


    As with any post, it needs a title. Put something in the title input. Something that will be remembered by generations to come, as eons of time pass by - they will always remember the powerful, epic titling of your post.



    Here's the kicker: we've got proper prefixes for all servers now. Use the dropdown list to chose which server your story is about. Don't be shy, select that server and make it look like it matters!

    3. POST IT!


    Well, you're all set. 3, 2, 1 TAKE OFF. Your post is now in the glorious sunshine of the ZOMBIES.NU community.
    Bask in all it's glory, soak in the everlasting triumph of your magnificent POST!
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