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Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by Dustgone, 2013-09-16.

  1. Dustgone

    Dustgone Survivor

    Hi guys.

    I'm looking for a cool sniper that wants to partner up with me. We will take turn in being the Sniper & Spotter and we will be operating in both Podagorsk and Chernogorsk Environment on Dayzero. It's going to be a lot of gaming but also training to get our teamwork straight. Also basic sniper training with different scopes, moving targets etc.

    For every game session we will make a mission objective (for instance; Get to coordinates and scout a victim and hunt it down) When we feel ready we can work as a sniper-team for a bigger Group or just keep rocking on as a two-man team.
    For you to get an idea of what roles I want the sniper & spotter to have;



    is a : Pointman - The pointman goes first in formation and chooses the tempo and path. Focus & Perception while on the move and making sure the remaining team do not fall behind. This role can be substituted if for instance the team moves through dense Forests or urban Environment, should the pointman have a bad CQB weapon.

    is a : Positioner - The positioner chooses the static position that the team will snipe from. From this position the positioner chooses a Point Zero that the team can start building up sectors, familiarizing itself to the AO and start rangefinding the area.

    is an : Executor - The executor is the one that makes the shot. The one shot that will neutralize the target. The executor will remember when the shot mas made, what it looked like, where it Went down. The executor will remain indifferent and unselfish should the shot be ineffective and the target still up.





    is a : Leader - The leader is Calling the shots. Where the team will go, how they will get there and what the ROE is. The leader is the one that communicates to other teams. The leader is authorizing shots to be made when he knows it's safe. The Leader makes sure the team knows every inch of the AO.

    is a : Health Committee - The Health committee is Always making sure the team have enough bandages, painkillers, morphines and blood bags, even epinephrine. The Health committee Always makes sure the team has enough food and water and that the team is not thirsty or starving Before the reach of the AO.

    is a : Rear-guard - The Rear-guard watches the flanks and the rear more than anything else until the team have reached it's sniping position, then he makes sure the rear is clear but focuses on the flanks and front. the rear-guard plans egress (Escape routes) and informs the team of the different routes.



    Basically when we get the hang of it, we just don't die ever amazing as it sounds. But It's gonna be alot of hard work to get there thought. So be prepared for it.

    What I'm looking for;

    Age: 18+

    Mad First-person shooter skills
    Good game-sense
    Very Smart
    Talks good Swedish or English
    Eager to learn and to Always evolve his/her gameplay
    And ofcourse; A good sniper, both skill and knowledge

    You reply this thread, PM me here or email me to [email protected]

    // Dustgone
  2. Dustgone

    Dustgone Survivor

    So far I've gotten 9 e-mails (4 from the zombies.nu Community) that wants to partner up. Not one single post or msg on zombies.nu


    Saying right out here that neither of the persons involved has met the requirements stated above.

    I'm still searching for the one sniper, the one that can team up with me.

    Read above and if it sounds like something you want out of your dayzero experience, go ahead.
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  4. No more GZ?
  5. shanky_91

    shanky_91 Scavenger

    I would like to apply for this role, pm me details to contact you.
  6. Dustgone

    Dustgone Survivor

    A huge part of being a sniper/spotter is gathering information.

    If this threads info doesn't satisfy your needs for contacting me or that you do not have an e-mail account, feel free to PM me on this forum, as I've also stated in the starting thread. Send me a PM or email of why you like being a sniper & spotter. Simple as that.
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  7. Ragstorm

    Ragstorm Shipwrecked

    I can say i'm acting pretty mature because i'm practicing mortal arts and basic police.military training for 8 years
    Playing FPS games since 4 years old. Counter strike 1.5/1.6 into battlefield(6 veteran status) playing DayZ since release and arma 3 since release.About bein Humble i usualy pass the good gears to weaker players on my team because i don't need gear to kill people.Patient usualy when i play any kind of FPS i prefer to stay in 1 spot and waith for my enemy to get on my sights.About talking good english i think it should be enough so we can understand each other in any DayZ situation.About willing to improve i always aim to be in the top and i do it in every game played world of warcraft was top 5 from 1925 teams 2 years ago.Diamond in League of legends.About bein good sniper it's my second best weapon class if i can say it (i'm best with LMG) i love playing sniper DM in arma 2 and i usualy always win it my only problem is leading targets at +500,600m i think this is enough of speaking for myself. Here is some footage i recorded in 2 days.
  8. Look at my reference videos too, I dont even play that much anymore though sadly :-(

  9. Dustgone

    Dustgone Survivor

    Nice vids! Even though the content may be falling short of what I'm searching for I have superior understanding of whom this person in the video is and I feel good about it.

    Feel free to be my side-kick any day.
  10. Jonn

    Jonn Coast Camper

    If you give me a lapua, i'll be your servant.
  11. The lapua may only lay in the hands of the true 'nut shot'.

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