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  1. not sure if serious but same here haha, getting it on Friday, DO clan moving over to GTA Online?

    EDIT: damn
  2. I got sick of those crackheads Tonya and JB making me run errands. So I knocked her out and took a selfie.

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  3. haha don't tell me u can take a self pic with ur phone?
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  5. Finished the main storyline a couple of days ago, truly great game. Probably the best GTA yet.

    I've already started a new save to keep me occupied until GTA: Online is launched.
  6. unique

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    Yeah finished the story on Monday, just messing with the stock markets and such till online comes out.
  7. GTA V: Online is up on XBL.

    If anyone was wondering.
  8. So jelly, cant wait til that badboy is out on PC.
  9. Raventhorn

    Raventhorn Shipwrecked

  10. yes its only x360 related, since it comes on 2 discs, if u install both of them to ur hard drive it lags like crazy so ur only supposed to install the install disc and use the other disc (play disc) to play but u shudnt load it as i said on ur hard drive and thats what that link is all about, for example the digital version on ps3 works like a charm for me

    EDIT: missed the part about saying that PSN version is the same, well didnt notice such thing on my console so i dont think its the same for everyone
  11. For 360 - Installing 1st disc to HDD and then copying 2nd disc to fast USB drive has made performance a bit better for some people too.

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