Experienced Swedes - Group Expansion @ SE2

Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by Slain, 2013-08-30.

  1. We are currently playing in a three man squad and now that the squad size's on se2 have begun to increase, we are looking to increase our own size as well.

    Two of us have been playing together for almost two years and the third guy joined us about a year ago.

    We are a pretty tight group and we feel confident in the way we play, which is one of the reasons we wont considered teaming up with an other group.

    So what we are searching for a people who are without a group or a duo of two.
    We want you to have awareness of the map, as well knowledge of the games mechanics.

    Also an other thing we value highly is people who do not give up, even if we strive to not get ourselves killed, many of the fights in this game ends up being a "trading" of kills between groups.
    So unless one of the groups are completely wiped, the group that doesn't give up and run back will often win.

    If you are interested, Swedish, not from skåne and above 20, feel free to post or give me a pm.
  2. Looks like we are in need of a replacement, for one of our players that went inactive.

    Taking time to clean/bump the thread.
  3. "Not from skåne" haha:)
  4. kamphare

    kamphare Shipwrecked

    Heya, I'm currently looking for a group of people to join on the SE2 server. I'm 24 years old, and have been playing dayZ actively for over a year now. I'm Norwegian, but understand Swedish perfectly fine. I would also be able to listen to Swedish and answer in English. Even though you specifically request Swedish people I just wanted to check with you guys, before posting my own thread. Let me know if you want more info, or just want to test playing together one evening. Cheers
  5. Immortal Revolt

    Immortal Revolt Shipwrecked

    Not from skåne HAHA! IM IN MAN!
    You got TS3? I played Arma 2 since it came out and also dayZ from the start. I also played ZERO since there was only SE1 and SE2. Im 29 from stockholm. Played as a lone wolf for to long. can I join you.
    Ha de bra

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