Your favorite TV series?

Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Satiris, 2012-09-30.

  1. Eken

    Eken Godlike Leaderboard

    Game of Thrones
    Sons of Anarchy
    The Borgias
    South Park
    Band of Brothers

    Does WWE count as a TV serie? IF so, WWE Smackdown & WWE RAW.

    I can't rank the series as all of the above is good
  2. iNko

    iNko Hero

    1. Breaking Bad
    2. Dexter
    3. Big Bang Theory
    4. Boardwalk Empire
    5. Game of Thrones
    6. Modern Family
    7. Homeland
    8. True Blood
  3. fjutte

    fjutte Scavenger

    in favourite order

    the borgias
    the walking dead
    a game of thrones
    star trek enterprise
    star trek tos
    star trek tng
    xena (lesbians ftw!)
  4. soju

    soju Hero

    2.How i met your mother
    4.South park
    5.Walking dead
  5. South Park
    Breaking Bad
  6. Tansien

    Tansien Administrator Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    Homeland is awesome, but there's waaay too many TV series I watch :)

    CAIOLOL Survivor

    Breaking Bad
    Walking Dead
    White Collar

    The list goes on lol
  8. Hyllman

    Hyllman Shipwrecked

    1 Workaholics
    2 Breaking bad
    3 Death note
    4 its always sunny in philadelphia
    5 Prison break
    6 Community
    7 Wilfred
    8 South park
    9 How i met your mother
    10 Futurama
    11 The office
    12 Weeds
    13 Trailer park boys ftw
    14 Louie
    15 Reaper
    16 Chuck
    And lots of shit i cant remember
  9. Prolox

    Prolox Split your lungs with blood and thunder. Leaderboard

    The walking dead.
    Game of thrones.
    Dr Who.
    Burn notice:

    Sword Art online.
    Fullmetal Alchemist.
    Code geas.
    One piece.
    Guilty Crown.
    and many more animes.
  10. FeRMer

    FeRMer Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    breaking bad, boarfwalk empire, Top Gear
  11. Well
    1. Game Of Thrones
    2. Chuck
    3. Parks & Rec
    4. HIMYM
    5. Suits
    6. Castle
    7. Supernatural
    8. Community
    9. Modern Family
    10. GLEE!!!

    And so many more...
  12. 1. The Walking Dead
    2. Game of Thrones
    3. Dexter
    4. Fringe
    5. Person of Interest
    6. Suits
    7. Homeland
  13. lemonsqueezy

    lemonsqueezy Survivor

    Only thing i watch at the moment is The Walking Dead. I love how unforgiving and brutal it is and the story line is pretty
    compelling ( I never read the comics ).
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  14. You look like Filip (AKA The Gouverner) on walking dead lol. I love him, the only weakness he has ever shown on the show is that he finally gave his name (if it now is his real name). I think he's like the final boss of the season and I hope he gives them hell before they take him down!
  15. Anyone here that watch both Breaking Bad and Walking Dead? I'd like to add a quote from Breaking Bad to Rick from Walking Dead in the last episode: "No more half measures"
  16. lemonsqueezy

    lemonsqueezy Survivor

    Funny.. my friend said the same thing to me haha. I'm assuming that the two groups will eventually collide, and i cant wait for the carnage :-D
  17. Yea... If you look like Filip, you must be evil too...
  18. Hibbins

    Hibbins Shipwrecked

    1. Dexter
    2. Breaking Bad
    3. It's always sunny in Philadelphia
    4. Ax Men
    5. Bering Sea Gold
    6. Ghost Adventures
  19. Esoterick

    Esoterick Hero

    The Wire.
  20. snuffish

    snuffish Shipwrecked

    1. Breaking Bad
    2. The Walking Dead
    3. How I Meed Your Mother
    4. Two and a Half men
    5. Band of Brothers

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