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Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Armetti, 2013-08-21.

  1. Who is Astral Disorder you ask?

    Why of course, [asd] is the single best community in You might recognize a tag of LMC! better, thats what we formerly were, but due to growing up and adding a League of Legends team to the group (and due to is already in use) we have changed our image to that of Astral Disorder.

    Our DayZ(ero) legacy goes all the way back to June of 2012, when Tansien had two servers going by the names of SE9 and SE10 on DayZ. We came to stay, and took the servers by storm. We participated on the DayZero beta tournament for Dreamhack Winter 2012 and took both rounds home, winning the tickets for the tournament held at Dreamhack. Placing 4th overall in the tournament itself we have gained the place of one of the most recognizable squads in the DayZero community.

    If you've killed a player wearing [asd] tag, congratulations, you have done the hard deed of bringing one of us down, and you deserve a pat on the back.

    Our squad consists of following players:
    [asd] Armetti
    [asd] Wigguli
    [asd] Hovimestari
    [asd] AngryHuskie (Inactive)
    [asd] KersMahonen (Inactive)

    And our newest recruits who happen to have started Arma2 just recently, be easy on them:
    [asd] Ukkosjumala
    [asd] Eliaven
    [asd] Turkkiz
    [asd] Rajatapaus

    and we mostly play on 1st person servers, meaning SE2. On this thread you will find awesome videos of us killing ourselves using the various vehicles or cliffs in the game, and perhaps you might find yourself on the videos aswell, killing us or we killing you.

    Remember, streamsnipings not cool, and its against rules aswell. Don't be an ass.
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  2. Cytek2806

    Cytek2806 Viking

  3. I feel honored
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  4. cool story, bro!
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  5. [asd] vs Staryfarmers (Ruglie, Tadrac, Rikuti). Mighty captions provided aswell in english.
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  6. [asd] vs Bambi. Mighty captions provided aswell in english (animation)
  7. *Sense a thread full of insults and flames =/

    I think its really time we had a designated video sub-forum
  8. Hombre-CZ-

    Hombre-CZ- Unwilling gear donator Leaderboard

    Some effort was put into this vid, captions etc, kinda nice.
    Edit: Expected to hear "perkele" all the time, dissapointed :-D
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  11. Careful military chop chop hot chocolate
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  12. chokchokcontrolhot
  13. Also the video before that at the elektro firestation was sick, I thought I was watching Assassin's Creed gameplay with that death from above tactic.
  14. Umm, yeah... I was, umm, yeah. I'm a ninja.
  15. Tobias Solem

    Tobias Solem Dunno exactly anymore what tits is I'm doing here

    A lot of vittu though! :-D

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