Few Excels I did.

Discussion in 'Guides' started by mdms, 2013-08-21.

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    May I ask what do you do for a living?
  3. Teskuz

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    This was the first thing I came to think off:

    However, really well done and I'm sure that a lot of players will find this useful! :)
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  4. mdms

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  5. your m24/40 rangefinding is different than in dustgones video he said that target is 1,8m / dots and your says that target is 2m/ dots
    and in dustgones videos when he ranged the target and fired he allways got headshot
  6. Samson186

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    Every player, zombies and other human likes are 1,8 m. most doorways are 2m and for example haybales near electro are 1,5. Other that that use ur judgment, imagination and eyebaling
  7. mdms

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    You are correct. After verifying vanilla ARMA 2 and DayZ-content. It truly seems that the mildots are for 180cm targets, and not for 200cm as ARMA2's official Ranging Guide says (ARMA2WeaponRangingAndCorrectionGuide.pdf).

    The main concern for me is that AS50 scope is completely off from this in vanilla ARMA2. See the ranging table for details.
  8. Samson186

    Samson186 Hero

    http://www.dayzoverlay.com/scopes.html i found that when i was digging in net so hopefully it will help and claryfy :p i wont be completely accurate couse its for standart DayZ but im sure it will help a bit
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  9. mdms

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    Updated tables again. Lapua's ranging needs verification. It's currently set as the buggy AS50 scope (for 1,5m targets). Should really test this ingame. Sadly I have to test it in Arma2CO, since I don't have any on DayZero servers.
  10. Andx

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    not sure how correct arma2 implements this, but according to this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heckler_&_Koch_G36, the crosses on the G36 scope should be: 200/400/600/800 (with the second cross being the bottom part of the circle)

    probably needs some testing
  11. Nice work but you should fix the SVD chevrons,
    The top large chevron is 100m
    and the first small chevron in the cross from horizontal and vertical are 225m
    and so on 300,500,700,900m
  12. mdms

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  13. Great video and a newbie-friendly tutorial :) . However, there is a mistake: tip of the last chevron represents 925 m, not 900 m.

    I wouldn't like to repeat myself, so I refer to this post in the thread called "How to be a better sniper":

  14. mdms

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    Fixed DMR and re-checked L115 scope, it is truly the same bugged one that AS50 uses. It sure is way different than others. Doublechecked it and the current table is true.

    Someone should go on DayZero and test if DMR is zeroed to 300 or 375. Since it is 375 on Arma2OA, but it used to be 300 on vanilla DayZ - marked as 400 :/.
  15. deuja

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    Why thank you OP, i like those.
  16. Cubie

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    Shouldn't the AK-103 have the same damage as the AKM and AK-47?
  17. Antrax0

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    I think that too...

    BTW, nice job!!
  18. Hi, nothing against you but could you use something else than .pdf files to show us your excels, as pdfs can easily contain viruses.

    I don't really feel safe opening the pdf documents you provided.

    Anyways, thanks for your work.
  19. MrGreen

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  20. MrGreen

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    So, if i've downloaded it.. and he change it, does that automaticly change mine too?

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