Favourite Energy Drink?

Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Eken, 2013-08-17.

  1. Eken

    Eken Godlike Leaderboard

    I am pretty sure the majority of this community drinks energy drinks when playing, so whats your favourite one? I'd say Monster Energy (THE GREEN!) and Jolt Cola if that counts :3
  2. Relentless original.
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  3. Coffee is the best energy drink ;-)
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  4. xeto8

    xeto8 Groza, 7.62,M24/M40/Ghillie Leaderboard

    Battery, cost me 9.90kr so its cheap, and of course Cappuchino
  5. Hombre-CZ-

    Hombre-CZ- Unwilling gear donator Leaderboard

    Green Monster is good, got 2 in the fridge waiting, sometimes it feels a tad too sweet though.
    The other Monsters I dont like much.

    Sometimes I go for a classic so Red Bull (the big one).

    Also here, in Czech Rep, we indulge ourselves in local brands:

    Semtex was an energy drink I first drank. Used to mix it with a bit of Absinth when on drinking spree, nowadays I drink it without the absinth :). Btw its funny name because Semtex is also czech plastic explosive.


    Big Shock!
    Another czech brand, kinda like it. Withou bubbles, not that sweet as Monster.

    Anyway I think these drinks differs just by taste. Most of em got taurine, lot of coffeine, some sugar etc.
    So for me its more a matter of taste.
  6. Mige

    Mige Shipwrecked

    Jolt cola.
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  7. Hanness

    Hanness ZNU bitch Leaderboard

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  8. everything crap and useless.
  9. Water.
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  10. its gotta be red rooster
  11. Silesky

    Silesky The Gif King Leaderboard

    Monster Rehab. But off that stuff so I just stick to about 8 cups of tea!
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  12. Hombre-CZ-

    Hombre-CZ- Unwilling gear donator Leaderboard

    Like your very post mate :-D.
    But yeah, it's not very healthy to drink a lot of this stuff, but if you do not exceed 1 per a day, you should not go to the mortuary any time soon.

    Hope it's a green tea. The black one does nothing to me anymore.
  13. GexZ

    GexZ The Banned One Leaderboard

  14. Rockstar.
  15. unique

    unique majestic Leaderboard


  16. invisi0n

    invisi0n Hero

    people ask me all the time "invisi0n what gives you and all the other big boys in highland the edge over everyone else"

    the answer is black

  17. I rarely bother with energy drinks. I prefer coffee but when I bother it's usually Red Bull or Euroshopper -Energy drink.

    What I prefer above all though is either beer or a steady grog but that is a luxury best spent for weekends
  18. I really like the green/orange Monster while at work. I really can't get the taste of the other Monsters, they're just too sweet or weird. I never really liked RedBull, because it tastes like a freakin cough syrup.
  19. Hlln

    Hlln Hero

    I find the Green monster absolutely disgusting. Rehab is my favorite.
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  20. iWavezZ

    iWavezZ Survivor

    Monster - Yellow One.

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