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Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by DMiT, 2013-08-15.

  1. DMiT

    DMiT Suiciding with SUV Leaderboard

    Our squad is looking to expand into 4/6 max players than can play regularly. Unfortunately due to commitments, some of our current members cannot play regularly enough leaving us with only 2 active members most times.
    We mostly play either DE1 or SE4/5 but will occasionally play SE1/2 or just choose a server to play on.

    If you're interested in joining a squad that isn't full of 16 y/o retards who take combat and PVP seriously but are up for having a laugh and just enjoying the game as much as possible then message below or PM myself I can send you the TS info.

    Due to the fact that having more than 5 people in your squad means comms are retarded we will probably only accept 3 new members at the maximum (although maybe more depending on the frequency you can play).

    - 18+
    - Be able to play most days
    - Fluent English (Don't have to be from the UK though, any nationality is okay)
    - At least 6 months experience of DayZ
    - Knoweldge of weapons and Chernarus
    - Able to take death without whining or rajing too hard or crying about it
    - Not a fucking retard
    - Up for banter and taking somethings with a pinch of salt
    - Etc, Etc, Etc.

    Being a donator isn't required but will probably help as we often play at peak times.
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  2. pLace

    pLace Shipwrecked

    Hello there.
    I am 19 year old guy from Sweden and would love to do some scavenging with you guys.
    I've played DayZ (off and on) since summer of 2012.
    I play mostly nights cause of work in days.
    Keep in touch, maybe up for a game tonight?
  3. I only have one arm, can I join you ?
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  4. DMiT

    DMiT Suiciding with SUV Leaderboard

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  5. Hanness

    Hanness ZNU bitch Leaderboard

    Good luck bud!
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  6. Hi, me and my friend is 17 years old and been looking for a squad for a long time, we come from sweden and can play almost every night. We have been play dayzero for over a year so we know the map pretty good and weapons. Write to me if you want to know more.
  7. Totte

    Totte Stalker Leaderboard

  8. mrthizbo

    mrthizbo Shipwrecked

    Hey, my friend and I are looking for a squad and we are interested in joining you guys. We both play daily and have been playing for over a year. We speak fluent english and have mics, teamspeak, skype, whatever. We are mostly interested in squad pvp. So just send me the TS if you are interested and we can get going, thanks.
  9. Totte

    Totte Stalker Leaderboard

  10. CBB

    CBB Chuck Bass Leaderboard

    Good luck man! These guys are good, not as good as us obviously but they're good! ;-)
  11. Totte

    Totte Stalker Leaderboard

    We'll see about that ;-)
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  12. DMiT

    DMiT Suiciding with SUV Leaderboard

    Chuck Bass can pay Tansien for gear so we're fucked Totte :-(
  13. CBB

    CBB Chuck Bass Leaderboard

    Haha what? ;o
  14. Totte

    Totte Stalker Leaderboard

    Bump, start a conversation with me if you're interested :)
  15. Sanjin

    Sanjin Scavenger Leaderboard

    hey you guys made that trailer , the "DayZero:confused:urvive" one. Nice stuff! :3
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  16. DMiT

    DMiT Suiciding with SUV Leaderboard

    Bumping thread as we're currently looking for a few more members. PM if interested.
  17. I am interested about joining you guys. You could add me on skype, teamspeak or something so we could discuss a little?

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