Looking to add a couple of experienced players to our Roster

Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by Rorxy, 2013-08-11.

  1. Yes mydayz amongst others.
  2. Ragstorm

    Ragstorm Shipwrecked

    I can say i'm acting pretty mature because i'm practicing mortal arts and basic police.military training for 8 years
    Playing FPS games since 4 years old. Counter strike 1.5/1.6 into battlefield(6 veteran status) playing DayZ since release and arma 3 since release.About bein Humble i usualy pass the good gears to weaker players on my team because i don't need gear to kill people.Patient usualy when i play any kind of FPS i prefer to stay in 1 spot and waith for my enemy to get on my sights.About talking good english i think it should be enough so we can understand each other in any DayZ situation.About willing to improve i always aim to be in the top and i do it in every game played world of warcraft was top 5 from 1925 teams 2 years ago.Diamond in League of legends.About bein good sniper it's my second best weapon class if i can say it (i'm best with LMG) i love playing sniper DM in arma 2 and i usualy always win it my only problem is leading targets at +500,600m i think this is enough of speaking for myself. Here is some footage i recorded in 2 days.

    Please PM me or add me on skype Lestat_1996
  3. mr snipes

    mr snipes Hero

    I know you mean you don't need "GOOD" gear ;-)

    scnr :)
    if you find my post not funny / offensive i can delete it immediately

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  4. Ragstorm

    Ragstorm Shipwrecked

  5. Hey rorxy,
    I'm 20 years old and i've played for about 8-9 months, think i have about 1500-2000 hours played, hard to tell though, cause i don't play with steam overlay.
    I can handle any gun, can fly, drive etc...
    Got a mic ofc

    Give me a PM if you are intrested in teaming up.
  6. Aunex

    Aunex Survivor

    I'm intrested. I'm 21 and have been played dayzero since december last year, on and off ofcourse. I used to have a clan called TSC, you might remember me, either way i'd like to start up again and if you would consider me, then please feel free to contact me here or on skype: Snigerenlol
  7. Maxi

    Maxi Lonewolf - 23, Sweden.

    I started a thread a while ago and have gotten some response but haven't got in touch with anybody so far. Add me on skype EmuSoFly if you're interested.

    23 year old Swede here. I fulfill all your requirements and I love spandex.
  8. yo rorxy i guess u still know me from BoB servers or mydayz, I'm looking for a new squad however i'm not 20+ (17, turning 18 soon) but still act mature. Got a lot of experience, playing since the game is out and we had some sick fights so you might still remember some of our actions :p

    here's my thread if you're interested...

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