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Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by Rorxy, 2013-08-11.

  1. hey all,

    We need some cold basterds to come squad up with us. I am looking for some experienced players to add to our group to play on the DE/SE servers. We number at around 3-4 regular players currently; We mainly play on DE3/4 and SE3/4 (no 24/7 daylight or 1P servers); we usually join up on 8pm GMT restart along with occasional afternoon play and late play on the weekend.


    Age 20+ (kids stay at home)
    6m-1yr DayZ experience
    Knows their way around a Makarov
    Knows Chernarus better than their home town
    Feels comfortable in Spandex (non negotiable)
    Fluent English
    Calm and collected at all times (no rage quitters)
    A good mic, clear and concise comms (no chitchat during firefights)
    Strong team player, but also able to use own initiative
    Experience using mil comms preferred
    Ability to fly chopper preferred but not essential
    Other Milsim experience preferred but not essential

    We will be taking on big teams who will almost always have bigger and better guns and vehicle and air superiority. If you think you are up for the challenge respond to this thread/pm me and we can try you out and see if you are a good fit.


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  2. xknockoutzx

    xknockoutzx Survivor

    Hi! I'd be glad to join. However, I am not 20+. I'm 17 but totally mature. My ability to fly a chopper is definitely not the best, but I can get the job done nevertheless. If you'd like to give me a try, I'd be glad. :)
  3. Shifty

    Shifty Hero

    Im interested, let me know when/where we can meet up and talk.
  4. Fow

    Fow Shipwrecked

    I'm interested! been playing Dayzero for a rather short time, but played other DayZ mods for about 1 year... Know my way around Chernarus like it was the back of my hand. I wear spandex 27/4, even when i get freaky ;-). if i sound somewhat appealing just PM me your skype or somthing and we'll have a chat :)
  5. Great response so far guys/girls. Keep them coming!
  6. still looking, chaps! Still not found many experienced players that like to play late. I have started streaming some of our squad play here: http://www.twitch.tv/Rorxy Get in touch!
  7. DevilsTower

    DevilsTower Shipwrecked

    I seem to fit most of the descriptions, although I haven't played Chernarus in a while. I can wear spandex as long as it's black and for a good reason. Been a lonewolf since I started playing over a year ago, with a few breaks in between. Norwegian, 22 y.o, fluent English, can fly. Play mostly after 6pm GMT+1 until somewhere around midnight, available most days. Only thing setting me back is my shitty laptop giving me no more than 30fps at the very most, so more often than not do I end up dead because of my lag.

    Call me maybe.
  8. I am interested, I have about 6 months Dayz experience and I can make my way through Chernarus well. I am fluent in English and I pass most other qualifications you have posted besides the Helicopter piloting, I know how to pilot a helicopter I just have not performed it yet. And yes, I am willing to try the spandex. I have TS3 and Skype.
  9. Chainman564

    Chainman564 Shipwrecked

    hi i would like to join your squad im 18 very mature ive been playing dayz since its releasei know my way around almost all of the maps (besides podagorsk i havnt played it yet) i am a pretty good pilot, Im a very good marksman (good with snpiers, rifles,ect.)
  10. Hello, im 23 years old, been playing dayz for a year, mature, IQ ingame, know chernarus very well. And im from Norway! Cheers
  11. DMiT

    DMiT Suiciding with SUV Leaderboard

    Plz decide a tag when you've got new members. Untagged clans are lame as feck
  12. oh no people don't play the game like i want it to be played D:
  13. DMiT

    DMiT Suiciding with SUV Leaderboard

    Trolled softly :). I was joking (kinda :p)
  14. someone calls you out on a retarded opinion. "wasjusttrollingguys" I was joking (kinda :p)
  15. DMiT

    DMiT Suiciding with SUV Leaderboard

    Sigh... not going to side track OP's thread. I played untagged for months so it's not a retarded opinion. Good luck finding new members rorxy :)
  16. haha, well I would love to play tagged man, but unfortunately as you well know that just isnt possible if you are streaming...

    when I get things set up for recording and stop streaming as much then sure we can tag up, but for now it isnt an option.
  17. shanky_91

    shanky_91 Scavenger

    I am 22 years old, I have a lot of hours of DayZ and ARMAII experience under my belt and I love the feel of spandex on my skin. Where do I sign up?
  18. mr snipes

    mr snipes Hero


    if i can decide about the colour of the spandex I'm your man !
    However - if you do hesitate too much i might go to the squad asking for a short skirt !
    I'm 25 and playing dayz since 26.07.12 (i found the purchase date in steam)
    Since my old squad has unraveled i am looking for something without 12 year olds with girlie-voices and a good team.


    mr snipes
  19. ... get your big team on a first person server.

  20. not big on first person man. tried it on different fov's too and I just don't like it. thehet....I know you from mydayz? awa? I know that name

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