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Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Hombre-CZ-, 2013-08-11.

  1. well first part is 1 min i think so u didnt miss much with the rest
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  2. LeBron

    LeBron Hound Of Justice Leaderboard

    A bit of action from earlier Tuesday evening.

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  3. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    5:32 heartattack moment :-D
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  4. shady102

    shady102 Shipwrecked

    Lol, on DE2 yesterday
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  5. haha dobar video
  6. Before this video started Joey killed one guy on "ollies treeline" (the treeline straight north of Vybor brownbarn) & was sure that there would be more guys so we were going to go over there to help him out. Yarwood got impatient & didnt want to wait for me to bandage so he drove over there with one of our cars. On his way over there he saw a guy by the side of the road so he ran him over with the car. Me & Donny jumped in the other truck to come loot and that's where this video takes off. It's quite dark since it's SE3 during night but it should be slightly watchable at least.

    I wrote the title as no-names since I dont know what clan or group we fought. I know Cap plays with AD sometimes but that's all I know. Their POV here: http://www.twitch.tv/captainsill/b/473495425 at 2 hours & 1 minute.
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  7. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    i was outside for hunting yesterday guys sorry, i couldnt help..

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  8. This is why I was raging so much in Rogorugus video above ^ :-D

    Badly sync'd clips because Vegas Pro crashed when I had it perfectly synced, so I got impatient and just slammed it in.
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  9. Not sure if this guy ALT F4'd as I was shooting him with my pea shooter or if he genuinely had a bad disconnect. Hmm. But yeah.
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  10. Glad to see I caused a bit of chaos before you put me to sleep. Nice clip

  11. My POV. Was out of ammo in all guns & Donny saves my ass.
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  12. @DonnyD what are ur graphics settings that u get such a smooth gameplay? No matter how many FPS i got (its always over 50 it feels choppy sometimes)

    Anyway something i made:
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  13. Snailer

    Snailer Hero

    hahaha althought why did you age restrict it : /?

    put me through alot of hastle since im only 5 years old
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  14. Gray Fox

    Gray Fox Mercenary Leaderboard

    Fatality! loooool what a trip in time you made us take :-D
  15. mate does mine look different??? i cant tell man.

    what settings do u want to know?
  16. um i duno ur gameplay looks smoother maybe its just rendering sake im not sure, i managed to render a video once that looked like that, i think i rendered a full had video into hd ready video im not sure..

    i age restricted it cuz the guy in the beginning is swearing so i didnt know if youtube will screw me over cuz of that, since they apparently review the video

  17. 3 m24s 1 civ
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  18. Poor guy didnt see whats coming
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  19. Cuddle

    Cuddle Scavenger Leaderboard

    Holy moly, I just discovered this thread and I'm loving the videos.
    Too bad I can't record DayZ properly without my pc fagging around with the FPS :-( Would have some awesome/wtf/facepalm moments to share.

    Keep 'em coming !
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