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Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Hombre-CZ-, 2013-08-11.

  1. Staedt

    Staedt [SS] Ulfberht Leaderboard

    Anyone got any footage from DE1 NWA last night?

  2. Was it you guys that killed us last night?
  3. Staedt

    Staedt [SS] Ulfberht Leaderboard

    Yeah it was us. I was the G3A3 guy.
  4. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    ingame name?
  5. damn we just fought a squad of 5 at veresnik, all had g3a3 acogs, m24, pkp, mad gear.. all geared up now :) it was a good fight i have it recorded ill render it and upload it these days
  6. 1. It's not fair to pick on the blind.
    2. Dat Porn music?
    3. Nice clip.
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  7. Staedt

    Staedt [SS] Ulfberht Leaderboard

    Ulfberht is my ingame name. You guys broke my legs and almost killed me once, but I managed to crawl behind the trees and survive. And that NPC heli crash at the airport crashed like 100m from me and I almost shit my pants. I was sure you guys fired an RPG at me, but then I noticed the smoke from the heli crash.

  8. Haha! I thought I kept hearing shots from that part of the woods but we couldnt spot you. Then the heli came and crashed right there. Man, that looked so epic. Did you record it? I really would like to see your perspective from that :-D I have it on video anyway, I'll upload it soon.


    Who was it that I killed outside the industrial camo-building before zombies took me down? You had us nailed down pretty good from both sides at that point. Was stuck in the small industrial shack with broken legs.
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  9. Staedt

    Staedt [SS] Ulfberht Leaderboard

    Well too bad I wasnt recording :/ I had a pretty good spot there, I could see the ATC+The hole on the wall and the firestation.

    I could see you guys had a "small" problem with the zombies, I heard like hundreds of shots and the whole airfield was aggroing to the barracks. I had some issues aswell because of the helicrash, everytime I shot at you I had to run away and kill a dozen zombies.

    The guy you shot at the camo-building was one from our group aswell. After we killed you guys and were loading your gear to our vehicle a guy logged in on top of the firestation and another one came from the woods, we lost a couple guys put we managed to kill the guy on the roof and get all the items from the corpses.

    If you guys have more footage from the night I would really like to see, especially some g3 action :)
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  10. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    I was almost sure i killed you there but after the saw spray i had to deal with million zombies. We knew somebody tryed to flank from the north and after lebron was killed i went to the firestation and totally forgot about you on the west mount cause i was trying to kill your camo guy in the firestation forest.
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  11. Here it is:
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  12. DonnyD with the bo$$ voice!
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  13. DonnyD is a G
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  14. Thanks for the M249 SAW :-D . I am now decently geared - whenever a team-mate logs in near me to give me blood! Haha. No way am I logging in and risking getting bitched by a zombie.
  15. i do?

  16. yeah, atleast for me most chilling voice ever dude :-D
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  17. What is this borderline creepy yet beautiful & inspiring mancrush? I think Donny is blushing now. Haha!
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  18. So Slater found some unarmed guy at Altar hill and went to talk to him, suddenly some other guy with lee enfield approached him from his back and tried to take him out but he killed him... after that we arrived on the scene, this is what happened after

    Video clip that i uploaded is actually 1080p but i dont know why is it allowing only 360p, well the audio is more imp than video so it shudnt make any difference :)
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  19. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    i thought you record the first part also max.. damn! anyways good video :)
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