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Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Hombre-CZ-, 2013-08-11.

  1. When people see that come clans/groups have good gear and they know that they have lots in stash too, they feel like its no use playing against them since they can "remax" very easily. Going all the time against M249, M24 etc + heli is not fun.
    It also allows the stashers to play a lot more aggressively while people who rarely find high end gear have to take it more carefully.
  2. Well our squad and a lot of people who i know who play this mod think differently. Having a team with good gear gives a greater incentive to kill them and take their gear... If someone hears an m14 shoot their first thought should be I WANT THAT... not oh shit lets log... Players on this mod are good players, and can easily wreck people with a l85 acog or susat or even a cz. So i guess my response to those players who dont log because of good gear is... "man the fuck up"
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    Here's few clips put together from times that we've used cars.

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  4. I didnt say that people turn down a gunfight when they hear high end weapons. Just saying that going against heli with M249 most of the time is tad annoying
  5. Must have misunderstood you then. Apologise. I agree about Helis annoying players, however the saw one I disagree. I got the saw from killing someone, and it's those kind of kills that to me make the game a bit more interesting.
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  6. Yea i know the feeling....its hela fun to kill high geared people and looting them
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    Who piloted the Little Bird? Were you afk ? :-D

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    good tune that I found

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  10. feat. a very loud @lazy
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    Clips from yesterday
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