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Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Hombre-CZ-, 2013-08-11.

  1. Hombre-CZ-

    Hombre-CZ- Unwilling gear donator Leaderboard

    It seems that recoil on AK74 is a bit too much, but then again, I've never fired that gun myself so who knows.
    Still it feels that 5,45 should have less recoil and that just AK47/AKM should have such beastly kick.

    Edit: Ah right, it's AKM in the end, I stand corrected :).
  2. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    why ak has almost the same recoil like mk48 mod ? :-D
  3. Saw a guy start walking away from a Chinook as soon as it crashed, how bizarre.. Can you see him?

  4. Snailer

    Snailer Hero

    So ghosts do exist

  5. son of a ...
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  6. [​IMG]

    srsly fuk u

  7. Good thing I leaned forward real close to spot the ghost.
  8. LeBron

    LeBron Hound Of Justice Leaderboard

    Can I join in the fun... poor Rexer72onPCin144pAnd1FPS this fucking killed me with laughter


  10. LeBron

    LeBron Hound Of Justice Leaderboard

    few clips thrown together. needed to clear out footage so just filled with what i had haha


  11. Not worthy of it's own thread just for this, but was still a great fight haha :)

    I edited my semi-rage out of the end of the videos. "CLICK CLICK CLICK WHAT THE FUCK? CLICK CLICK CLICK?"
  12. Ohh shiiiiiiet
    Damn nice fight! But yeah you should press f more often, unless you suck ass like me and start throwing nades and shit :confused:

  13. Haha, that has happened before in a proper fight, nearly took out my own team-mates and SUV, but managed to throw it behind me instead! The bad thing is, when I picked up that AK from Balota, there were 2 more mags behind it that I never bothered to pick up because I assumed 1 would be enough!
  14. sooooo sick mate. i would of give u my pov to put in but i raged hard and deleted it all lol
  15. did i read this right? says a guy who owned those checz (yes CHECZ, now stay out of this thread u and HOARDERS) ppl all by himself

    anyway awesome videos here, keep them coming :) esp LeBrons one with the guy jumping off the firestation haha, laughed for an hour there
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  16. Check out my nothing special part 3 then... and that is not the only time it has happend :-D
  17. added some quick sloppy subtitles to this
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  18. ^ i have one too, US1 me and zmay playing late at night and he was sniping NEA compound from ostry and i was moving from the west treeline towards first treeline on ostry and and all i hear is "i see a guy", someone fires and i drop dead "wtf why am i dead?? did u just shot me??" and he says "damn man that was an awesome headshot!!! LOL" hahaha, well didnt have anything special on me, but we fought some guys up there so it was kinda harder for him to hold the position until i came back up

  19. Wow, you really would've had him as well. So frustrating.
  20. LeBron

    LeBron Hound Of Justice Leaderboard

    Certainly not my first trip out as Hatchet Man, and definitely not the longest... Head on a swivel boys. ​
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